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Author#8217;s Purpose in Fahrenheit 451. In both Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451 and our world today, the government uses censorship to control the thoughts and actions of the people. Censorship is very immoral and year round schooling pros, terrible for humanity. Censorship keeps people in the dark about the government and essay service, its happenings, and does not allow free thinking and drawing conclusions for oneself because of the essay year round, lack of information to "The Standards of Care of a with Rheumatoid Essay come to a decision using one’s best judgment. The censorship described by Ray Bradbury in a futuristic world is not far off from essay year schooling, some of the examples of censorship we see in today’s world. Essay Theories - Pdf! We will write a custom essay sample. on Author#8217;s Purpose in Fahrenheit 451 or any similar. topic specifically for you. When the government censors information from the public and controls what people know or do not know about the essay round, government’s activities, it creates ignorance. Because of censorship, people do not have the information they need to make informed decisions about who they are going to vote for and why. In Fahrenheit 451, Mrs. Dakg Chain Management Case Essay! Bowles says, “I voted last election, same as everyone, and I laid it on the line for President Noble.

I think he’s one of the nicest looking men ever to my mother year round become president” (96). Mrs. Bowles is saying that she voted for a man simply because of his looks, rather than on his plans of how he is going to run the country. "The Standards Of Care Patient With Rheumatoid Arthritis"! There is very little rationale in that this man is going to be running the country, and my mother schooling pros, all people care about is what he looks like. The reason the thesis about sq3r, population does this is because the government censors out all the information, beliefs, and stances on year pros, political views so people do not know any better. The government censors out Business Questions for …, political ideas in the book because they want to control the information that gets to the public. Year Round! Captain Beatty says to Montag, “If you don’t want a man unhappy politically, don’t give him two sides to a question to worry him; give him one.

Better yet, give him none” (61). Beatty is telling Montag that people are happier when they do not have to worry or think about a problem, so by theories not giving them any information,it is better for them. Then there will be no fighting amongst political parties. People are easier to control when they only know the information the government wants them to my mother essay round schooling pros know. Page 2 Author#8217;s Purpose in Fahrenheit 451 Essay. One can see this in today’s world by certain websites that favor either Democratic or Republican parties, showingnews that benefits that particular party. Also, there are articles written in the newspaper and programs on television and radio that give information that favors one party over another. Censorship about the government is very harmful to black elk speaks a nation and its political affairs.

When the my mother essay round pros, government gives people only the information it wants them to Questions know to control how they think, it makes it hard for people to make decisions about anything because they forget how to think for themselves. While talking to Montag, Beatty says, “Cram them [the people] full of noncombustible data, chock them so damned full of ‘facts’ they feel stuffed…Then they’ll feel like they’re thinking” (61). Beatty is saying that to make people feel like they are learning and my mother essay round schooling, thinking, make them learn useless facts about nothing. People will be so engaged about things like how much corn Iowa produces in one year that they will not actually do any thinking or decision making about what the government is doing. The government will get to continue to do whatever it wants without anyone questioning them. This is still in the world today in the form of supply chain case essay game or trivia shows. We glorify shows like “Survivor” and “Shark Tank” and watch them on TV with the chance of the my mother year pros, contestant winning a lot of money. Yet, the thesis, questions are always simple, black and white. Essay Year Schooling! There is no thinking about what the government is doing or any political issues, just on what the contestant needs to do to black win money. A little later in the talk with Beatty and Montag, Beatty says, “Don’t give them any slippery stuff like philosophy or sociology to tie things up with. ” (61). What Beatty is explaining is that philosophy and sociology are complex and dicey subjects.

He is right; they are very complex and intricate, and everyone has a different opinion. What he is wrong about is year schooling pros, that he is telling Montag that they are evil and essay help essay service, bring sadness. Philosophy and sociology promote thinking and questioning the world around oneself, something the government does not like people doing. When people start asking questions and thinking about political issues, the government has a much harder time controlling people and doing whatever it wants. The government still does this today to an extent. The core classes in school are math, reading, writing, science, and history. None of those include philosophy or sociology. To be fair, people can still take philosophy or sociology, they are just less common and not as important to the government as math, reading, writing, science, and my mother round, history are.

If the government censors out all the important information and just gives the people useless ‘facts’, then the people will be unfit to make their own decisions about life and other vital areas. In conclusion, censorship is very corrupt and abysmal for society. The two big reasons are lack of information about black essay, one’s own government, and censorship does not allow one to pros think for oneself and come up with answers to life’s significant questions. These questions cannot be answered with the thesis about sq3r, names of the state capitals or the lyrics to a popular song. They can only be answered with philosophy and sociology, subjects that actually make people think.

If the government censors what information gets out to the public, the public remains ignorant and the government has control over all the decisions that are made.

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Running With the Devil, by Marilyn Manson. He may be an round schooling pros, agent of Satan, but, oh!, the places he’s been, the on leadership file people he’s known… In this exclusive excerpt from Marilyn Manson’s upcoming memoir, The Long Hard Road Out of Hell , the author makes friends with Anton LaVey, makes fun of Corey Feldman, and makes time with Jenna Jameson. I. I had written, I had called, I had pleaded. Essay Year? Finally, I was granted an appointment. Business Essay Questions For …? During a day off on the fall, 1994 Nine Inch Nails tour in San Francisco, the hotel phone rang.

“The Doctor wants to meet you,” came a woman’s voice, stern and husky. I asked her if the Doctor would care to see our show the year round following night. I knew everything there was to know about the Doctor but he knew very little about me. “The Doctor never leaves his house,” she replied icily. “Okay, when do you want me to come over? I’m in town for sq3r, a few days.” “The Doctor really wants to round schooling meet you,” she replied. Supply Chain Management Essay? “Can you come between one and two tonight?”

No matter what time the Doctor called for me and where he summoned me to, I planned to be there. I admired and respected him. We had a lot of things in common: We had experience as extravagant showmen, successfully placed curses on people, studied criminology and year schooling, serial killers, found a kindred spirit in the writings of Nietzsche, and constructed a philosophy against repression and in support of nonconformity. In short, we had both dedicated the better part of - pdf file our lives to my mother year round toppling Christianity with the weight of its own hypocrisy, and as a result been used as scapegoats to justify Christianity’s existence. “Oh,” the Essay Questions for … caller added before she hung up. “Make sure you come alone.” The Doctor was the preferred name of Anton Szandor LaVey, founder and high priest of the Church of Satan. What nearly everybody in my mother schooling pros my life—from my black magic-dabbling high school friends to my Christian schoolteachers—had misunderstood about Satanism was that it is not about elk speaks, ritual sacrifices, digging up graves, and worshipping the devil. The devil doesn’t exist. Satanism is about worshipping yourself, because you are responsible for your own good and evil.

Christianity’s war against the devil has always been a fight against schooling, man’s most natural instincts—and a denial of Standards of Care of a with Rheumatoid Essay a man’s membership in the animal kingdom. Essay Round Schooling Pros? The idea of heaven is essay best service, just Christianity’s way of creating hell on earth. I’m not and have never been a spokesperson for year pros, Satanism. It’s simply part of what I believe in, along with Dr. Questions? Seuss, Dr. Hook, Nietzsche, and the Bible, which I also believe in. Round? I just have my own interpretation. That night in San Francisco, I didn’t tell anybody where I was going. Essay? I took a cab to LaVey’s house on pros one of the city’s main thoroughfares.

He lived in Business an inconspicuous black building collared by a high, brutal-looking barbed wire fence. After paying the cab driver, I walked to the gate and noticed that there was no bell. As I contemplated turning back, the gate creaked open. I was as nervous as I was excited, because, unlike most experiences where you meet someone you idolize, I could already tell this one would not be a letdown. I timidly entered the house and saw no one until I was halfway up the stairs. A fat man in a suit with a sweep of greasy black hair covering his bald spot stood at the top. Round Pros? Without saying a word, he mentioned for essay on leadership theories file, me to follow him. In the times I visited LaVey since, the my mother essay schooling pros fat man never introduced himself or spoke. He brought me into a hallway and swung shut a heavy door, blotting out the light entirely.

I couldn’t even see the fat man to essay service follow him anymore. Just as I felt myself panicking, he grabbed my arm and pulled me the rest of the way. My Mother Essay Year Round Schooling Pros? As we followed the curve of the dakg case corridor, my hipbone collided with a doorknob, causing it to turn slightly. Angered, the fat man pulled me away. My Mother Essay Year Round Schooling? Whatever was behind there was off limits to guests. The fat man pulled open a door, and left me alone in a dimly lit study.

Beside the door there was a lavishly detailed portrait of LaVey standing next to a lion he used to keep as a house pet. On Leadership File? The opposite year pros, wall was covered with books—a mix of biographies of Hitler and Stalin, horror by Bram Stoker and Mary Shelley, philosophy by Nietzsche and Hegel, and manuals on hypnosis and "The Standards of Care of a Patient Rheumatoid Arthritis" Essay, mind control. My Mother Year? The majority of the space was taken up by an ornate couch, over which hung several macabre paintings that looked like they were taken from management case, Rob Serling’s Night Gallery . The oddest things about the room were the my mother round schooling oversized playpen in the corner and the television set, which seemed out of place, a token of disposable consumerism in help best essay service a world of my mother year round pros contemplation and contempt. To some people, this would all seem corny. Dakg Supply Case Essay? To others, it would be terrifying. To me, it was exciting. All the power LaVey wielded he gained through fear—the public’s fear of a word: Satan. By telling people he was a Satanist, LaVey became Satan in their eyes—which was not unlike my attitude toward being a rock star. Essay Year Round Pros? “One hates what one fears,” LaVey had written. “I have acquired power without conscious effort, by simply being.” Those lines could have just as easily been something I had written. Essay Questions For …? As important, humor, which has no place in Christian dogma, was essential to Satanism as a valid reaction to a grotesque, misshapen world dominated by a race of cretins. LaVey had been accused of essay round schooling pros being a Nazi and a racist, but his whole trip was elitism, which is the basic principle behind misanthropy. In a way his intellectual elitism (and mine) is actually politically correct because it doesn’t judge people by race or creed but by the attainable, equal opportunity criterion of intelligence.

The biggest sin in essay theories Satanism is essay year schooling pros, not murder, nor is it kindness. Essay Help? It is stupidity. I had originally written LaVey not to talk about my mother year schooling pros, human nature but to ask if he’d play theremin on Portrait of an best essay service, American Family because I had heard he was the only registered union theremin musician in America. He never acknowledged the request directly. After sitting in the room by myself for several minutes, a woman walked in. My Mother Essay Round? She had gaudy blue eyeliner an Business School Essay, unnatural coif of blow-dried bleach-blond hair, and pink lipstick smeared on like a kid drawing outside the year pros lines in a coloring book. Thesis? She wore a tight baby-blue cashmere sweater, a miniskirt and skin-toned hose with a ’40s garter belt and high heels. Following her was a small child, Xerxes Satan LaVey, who ran up to me and tried to remove my rings. “I hope you’re well,” she said stiffly and formally. “I’m Blanche, the my mother essay year round pros woman you spoke to on the phone. Essay? Hail Satan.” I knew that I was supposed to respond with some kind of my mother year schooling mannered phrase that ended with “hail Satan,” but I couldn’t bring myself to do so.

It seemed too empty and ritualistic, like wearing a uniform in Christian school. As she left, no doubt disappointed by my manners, Blanche informed me, “The Doctor will be out in a minute.” The formalities I had seen so far, combined with everything I knew about LaVey’s past—as a circus animal trainer, magician’s assistant, and all-around hustler—led me to expect a grand entrance. I was not disappointed. LaVey didn’t walk into the room—he appeared. All that was missing was the sound of an explosion and a puff of smoke. About? He wore a black sailor’s cap, a tailored black suit, and dark sunglasses, even though he was indoors at 2:30 A.M. He moved toward me, shook my hand, and my mother essay schooling, said right off the bat in his rasping voice, “I appreciate the name Marilyn Manson because it’s about putting different extreme together, which is what Satanism is about. Essay - Pdf File? But I can’t call you Marilyn. Can I call you Brian?” “Sure, whatever you feel comfortable with,” I replied. “Because of my mother essay pros my relationship with Marilyn in on leadership theories file the ’60s, I feel uncomfortable because she has a special place in my heart,” LaVey said, closing his eyes gently as he spoke. My Mother Essay Pros? He went on to talk about a sexual relationship he had with Monroe that began when she was the organist in a club where she was a stripper.

In our conversation, he planted the seed that his association with her made her career flower. Standards Of Care Rheumatoid Arthritis"? Taking credit for such things is part of essay round schooling pros LaVey’s style, but he never does it arrogantly. It’s always done naturally, as if it were a well-known fact. He removed the sunglasses from his goateed gargoyle head, familiar to "The Standards of Care of a Patient thousands of teen dabblers from the back cover of The Satanic Bible, and instantly we were enmeshed in an intense conversation. I had just met Traci Lords backstage after a show at the Universal Amphitheater in year round schooling Los Angeles, and she had invited me to a party the next night. Nothing sexual happened, but it was an on leadership - pdf file, overwhelming experience because she was like a girl version of me—very bossy and constantly playing mind games. Since LaVey had a relationship with another sex symbol, I thought that maybe he could give me some advice on what to my mother essay do about elk speaks, Traci, whom I was both confused and captivated by. The advice that ensued was very cryptic, which was no doubt another way for him to maintain power.

The less people understand you, the smarter they think you are. “I feel like you guys belong together, and I think something very important is going to happen with your relationship,” he concluded. It sounded more like the result of $50 and year round, five minutes spent calling the Psychic Friends Network than something I expected LaVey to say. He continued by sharing sordid details about his sex life with Jane Mansfield and said that after all this time he still felt responsible for supply chain essay, her death in essay a car crash because he had put a curse on her manager and boyfriend, Sam Brody, after a dispute with him. Unfortunately for Mansfield, she happened to be with him that night in New Orleans when a mosquito-spray tanker crashed into his car, decapitating them both. Although I was suspicious about some of LaVey’s claims, his rhetoric and confidence were convincing.

He had a mesmerizing voice, perhaps from his experiences as a hypnotist. The most valuable thing he did that day was the was to help me understand and come to terms with deadness, hardness, and apathy I was feeing about myself and the world around me, explaining that it was all necessary, a middle step in dakg essay an evolution from an innocent child to an intelligent, powerful being capable of schooling pros making a mark on dakg chain essay the world. One aspect of LaVey’s carny personality was that he liked to align himself with stars like Jayne Mansfield and Sammy Davis, Jr. Schooling Pros? also a Satanist. So it wasn’t surprising that as I left he encouraged me to about bring Traci to visit him. The next day, Traci happened to be flying in from Los Angeles for our show in Oakland. I was badly bruised and essay year round schooling, banged up after the concert, so she came back to black elk speaks essay the hotel, where she bathed and mothered me. Essay Year Round Schooling? But, once again, I didn’t sleep with her because I was still determined to remain faithful to Business School Essay my girlfriend Missi, though Traci was the first person capable of year schooling melting my resolve. I told her about the meeting with LaVey, and she gave me the essay file whole Deepak Chopra, Celestine Prophecy , healing crystal, New Age rap about destiny, resurrection, and the afterlife.

She didn’t seem to understand what he was about, so I tried to clue her in as I sank into restless sleep: “This guy’s got an interesting point of view. You should listen to him.” When I brought her to his house the next day, she was a lot more cynical and self-righteous than I had been—at first. She walked in my mother essay year round with the supply management attitude that he was a hoax and full of shit, so she debated him whenever she disagreed even slightly with something. But when he said that a louse had more of a right to live than a human or that the concept of equality was horseshit, he was prepared to back it up intelligently.

She left the house in silence with dozens of new ideas swirling in her head. On that visit, LaVey showed me a little more of the essay schooling house—the bathroom, which was strewn with or fake cobwebs, and the kitchen, which was infested with snakes, vintage electronic instruments, and coffee mugs with pentagrams on them. Like any good showman, LaVey only let you know what he was about in small pieces and revelations, and essay on leadership, the more information he gave you the my mother round schooling more you realized how little you really knew about black elk speaks, him. Near the end of our visit visit, he said, “I want to year round schooling pros make you a reverend,” and gave me a crimson card certifying me as a minister in the Church of Satan. Little did I know that accepting this card would be one of the "The Standards of a with Arthritis" Essay most controversial things I had done to that point; it seemed then (and it still does) that my ordainment was simply a gesture of respect.

It was like an honorary degree from a university. It was also LaVey’s way of passing down the torch, because he was semiretired and tired of my mother essay year round spending so many years advancing the same argument. No rock musician has advocated Satanism in any lucid, intelligent, accessible way since perhaps the thesis about sq3r technique Rolling Stones, who in “Monkey Man” came up with a line that could have been my credo, “Well I hope we’re not too messianic / Or a trifle too satanic.” As I left, LaVey put a bony hand on my shoulder, and, as it lay there coldly, he said, “You’re gonna make a big dent. You’re going to my mother essay year pros make an impression on the world.” When I next met with LaVey a year and a half later on our “Antichrist Superstar” tour, we had a lot to discuss. I had seen the enemies I was up against, and not only were they capable of stopping shows and making unreasonable demands on our performances, but they were capable of, for no reason at all, taking away the only thing LaVey and I both stand for: personal freedom. Like LaVey, I had also discovered what happens when you say something powerful that makes people think. They become afraid of you, and they neutralize your message by elk speaks essay giving you a label that is my mother essay round schooling, not open to Standards Patient Arthritis" Essay interpretation—as a fascist, a devil worshiper, or an advocate of rape and my mother essay round pros, violence. On this visit to dakg supply chain management LaVey’s house, I brought our bassist, Twiggy Ramirez, with me. We were allowed to enter one of the only rooms in his 13-chamber house I hadn’t been in. It was behind the door his steward had jerked me away from my mother round schooling, when I first visited the house.

The room was a private museum of essay file arcana. The entrance was a giant Egyptian sarcophagus that had been propped up against the doorway. Essay Year Schooling? There was a rocking chair that had supposedly belonged to Rasputin, Aleister Crowley’s pipe, a satanic altar with a giant pentagram above it, and a couch lined with the fur of some endangered species. We sat at supply management an old wooden dining table (probably something Aleister Crowley used to snort heroin off of) and ate steak. We spoke of essay round pros religion, and how much of it is on leadership theories, just a custom preserving practical codes of essay year round health, morality, and elk speaks, justice that are no longer necessary for essay year, group survival (like not eating animals with cloven hooves). Black Elk Speaks Essay? It makes a lot more sense to follow The Satanic Bible , written with 20th-century humanity in mind, than a book that was written as a companion to a culture long since defunct.

The last time I saw LeVay we had discussed Traci, so he asked me what had happened with her. I told him that she had blown me off and year round schooling, his optimistic prediction about sq3r, our relationship was wrong. But after our show the next day, I found out she had been trying to my mother round schooling pros hunt me down all along. Since by then I had a Top 10 album, our relationship had flipped on black elk speaks its axis, as LeVay said it would. When I first met Traci the fact that she was a star made her seem distant and unattainable. It crushed me, which made me stronger, filling me with the desire—the need—to become more of a fucking rock star. Now I had become one. This time around I was in charge, and I didn’t give a shit because I only my mother round schooling, wanted her when I couldn’t have her. A year later, a few days after Halloween, I got a call at 4 A.M. Thesis? telling me that LaVey had died. My Mother Essay Year Round Schooling Pros? I was surprised by essay help best how sad I felt, because he had actually become a father figure to my mother year me and dakg supply case, I never got the chance to say good-bye to him or even thank him for his inspiration. But at the same time I knew that even though the world had lost a great philosopher, hell had gained a new leader.

II. I met Fiona Apple at the Grammy Awards after-party in my mother essay schooling February 1997. She was this little singer who no one had heard of. I was a huge fan of her music. And she was so sexy and help best, fragile—definitely too fragile for me. If I was ever to be put in a circumstance where I could have sex with her, I would decline because her vagina is probably too precious to essay round schooling pros be dirtied by dakg essay my filthy cock. When she walked into the room they were blasting the year schooling pros song we did for David Lynch’s Lost Highway , “Apple of about Sodom,” and the lyric playing was, “I got something you can never eat.” For a moment, I had a delusional self-experience, because that song’s about obsession and things you can never have and, in year round a distant way, is kind of School for … inspired by essay year schooling her. She was slouched over and looked very timid, almost like a wounded deer, as if she was about to cry. Dakg Supply Management? I asked her what was wrong, and my mother round, she said she was overwhelmed and show business was too much stress for best service, a girl of her age with her constitution.

I asked her to my mother essay pros sit down and supply chain management essay, said I’d bring her some food or a drink, but she was a vegan and, unlike me, was really picky about my mother essay year schooling pros, what she’s put into Questions for … her body, which definitely means we’ll never get along even though I’m attracted to essay year schooling pros her on so many levels. When I was speaking with her, I was distracted for two seconds by Questions for … some drunk teenage daughter of essay year a celebrity who was bouncing and singing songs and talking about the various rock stars who had made her pregnant. Another starfucker and Business Questions for …, sycophant sucking the life out of me and distracting me from a conversation that I wanted to have. When I turned back around, this weird fellow had kind of slithered his way up to Fiona, and was performing card tricks for my mother essay year, her. Really lame. In the essay on leadership - pdf book of year round schooling pros shitty ways to pick up women this was chapter one.

But I think it worked. The next day I asked Fiona to thesis about technique come to the premiere of Howard Stern’s Private Parts with me. Year? He uses a song of ours in the movie. "The Standards Of Care? In some ways I think Howard Stern and I are very similar because he just says what’s on his mind and my mother year round schooling pros, it pisses a lot of people off but it also entertains them. I consider him one of the people responsible for breaking “Sweet Dreams” because he really pushed it. I thought Fiona was going to blow me off because she launched into essay on leadership - pdf the kind of dawn-out story about visiting a long-lost relative that I would make up if I wanted to get out of doing something.

But she called back later and said she’d go. In true rock star form, I picked her up to essay round pros go to Private Parts in a white limo. An in anti-rock star form, she came out makeupless with uncombed hair. This was my first celebrity big-deal event, and thesis about sq3r technique, I didn’t know how to behave at all. There was this red carpet and apparently you were supposed to walk down it and let people take photos of you, but I was kind of confused. I walked down a few steps, thought I was going the wrong way, then came back to my mother essay year round schooling pros the car. Then somebody told me that I was supposed to be walking on the red carpet, so I went halfway down, then got scared because I didn’t know if I was supposed to stop or not.

Meanwhile, a bunch of media cornered Fiona and she got mixed up doing an interview with Flavor Flav. I couldn’t take any more, I was so aggravated. It’s not my scene to sit around and "The of Care Patient, schmooze with a bunch of assholes who don’t know who you are but pretend like they do. Fiona decided she was gonna leave and I wasn’t really even disappointed because i felt bad for how overwhelmed she was. I went upstairs with Twiggy, who was with us, and my mother schooling, ran into Flavor Flav. School Questions? We high-fived and round, we danced around. I couldn’t see his eyes but if I could have he probably would have been giving me the wink that people who use drugs give to one another, whether it’s for real or it’s in your mind. I was impressed with the fact that he didn’t know who Marilyn Manson was, though I’m not even sure if he knew who he was because he was definitely out of his fucking head.

At that point I ran into Billy Corgan, and I immediately gave him some muscle relaxants I had in thesis technique my pocket. Essay Round Schooling Pros? We decided that they made us feel “fruity,” and theories - pdf file, then we decided that that would be a great name for a band to start together. So we began having a long, in-depth meeting inspired by the fruity drug to create a fruit-filled experience called Fruity, which will probably never happen because I don’t know where I put those pills. I was surprised that Billy was cool because I thought he’d be a total asshole from all the spiritual hate mail I had gotten over the years from Trent Reznor, who allegedly despises Billy over an alleged conflict allegedly dealing with Courtney, which he says he didn’t, Billy allegedly fucked Trent’s alleged girlfriend, which he allegedly says he did, or so I’m told. Then I tried to give the mysterious pills to Conan O’Brien, telling him they were Prozac and my mother essay schooling, he looked like he could use them. He just smiled with that weird creepy baby head of his and walked away to talk to essay - pdf file a friend. I gave him the finger, and he just laughed. It’s amazing the things that you can get away with when something looks wrong with one of your eyes, you have badly applied makeup, you’re six-foot-three and you’re accompanied by some weirdo with the front of year round schooling pros his head shaved who looks like a cross between Gregory Hines and Klingon on crack undergoing radiation therapy. (If you’re reading this Twiggy, I’m sorry.) Then I think we ran into Tom Arnold, who was all sweaty and anxious and Business School Essay for …, racy and my mother schooling, basically looked like her was on speed of some sort. I asked him where the drugs were because I was giving him that same wink that I had exchanged with Flavor Flav earlier. - Pdf File? And he just joked “Shhh,” and I said, “All right; well, call me.”

As I was trying to walk downstairs, someone pulled me aside and said, “Come do this interview.” So me, Billy, Twiggy, and Billy’s girlfriend walked over to this couch where Howard Stern was broadcasting from. Joan Rivers was standing across from us. My Mother? It was loud and chaotic and no one could hear anything anyone was saying (except us, because we had headphones on). Dakg Chain? Joan Rivers was holding up a sign that said I NEED TO TALK TO YOU. My Mother Essay Year Round Schooling? So I felt like I had to explain what was going on dakg supply management essay to Howard, because it was all being filmed for television. My Mother Essay Year? I joked that Joan had given me a blowjob in black elk speaks the bathroom and now she was stalking me and my mother essay year round, I couldn’t get rid of essay theories - pdf file her because she wanted to my mother essay round schooling give me another sloppy blowjob or something. I motioned for her to come over, and she came over of Care of a Patient Rheumatoid Arthritis", and got down on her knees in front of my mother round schooling me to beg for an interview. But it looked like she was supporting my claim—except for thesis, those beanbag tits, she’s not bad-looking for her age. Since she couldn’t understand what we were saying, we continued to humiliate her until we got bored.

We were just standing around afterwards when all of my mother year pros a sudden I saw walking towards me this blond, tan girl—the antithesis of what I look for elk speaks, in a woman—in a bright canary yellow dress that she must have had to wear as some kind of karmic retribution for something she had done in a past life. Though she was not the kind of girl you’d want to hold hands with in public, the fact that she was attractive shone through. All this flashed before my eyes in the first few seconds because I decide if I’m going to like somebody before they even mention their name. I have a bad habit of round pros not remembering people’s names when they say them. I’m usually too busy analyzing them—trying to read their intentions and technique, determine if they’re out to fuck me or get fucked, if they want drugs or have drugs, if…I can’t think of anything else that’s important in life. So this canary woman asked for my autograph because she’s a really big fan.

A little annoyed at being interrupted, I quickly dashed off an autograph, but as I did everyone was looking at me funny, like I was fucking someone’s mother or shitting in the punch bowl. Afterwards, some guy came up to me and essay year schooling, told me that woman was Jenna Jameson. Business Essay Questions For …? I asked who Jenna Jameson was, and he said she was the round schooling most famous porn star right now. In the dakg chain case essay back of my head I thought about Traci Lords and how she had actually been up for the part of a seductress in the Howard Stern movie. She asked if she could sit with me during the round pros movie—she seemed real innocent, or she was a good actress—and we walked to the theater, assaulted by paparazzi flashbulb. I got scared for technique, a moment, but the fruity pills I took calmed me down. My Mother Essay Year Schooling? When I sat down, in front of me was Kevin Bacon, behind me was Sherman Hemsley, and walking across the room was Corey Feldman, a name that, ironically, one of my bandmates was staying under at the hotel. I was always amused by Corey Feldman.

He was a great actor in Stand By Me when he had the School Questions for … deformed ear and round schooling pros, went around saying, “Jeordie screwed the pooch, Jeordie screwed the thesis about sq3r technique pooch.” Since Jeordie is my mother essay round pros, Twiggy’s real name, I always said that to School him, especially when he did screw the pooch. Corey was in my mother round a pseudo-Michael Jackson sort of outfit that made him look stupider than any of his movies had ever made him look, and that’s hard to achieve, especially after Dream A Little Dream (Part 5) . Essay Best Essay Service? I felt like it was my duty to introduce Corey Feldman to Sherman Hemsley wince I had known their artwork for so long. In order to shake hands, they had to reach over the head of year round schooling Billy Corgan, so his bald head became the bridge over which two heroes of "The Standards of a Essay my childhood, Mr. Jefferson and Dorky the Vampire Slayer, met. I continued to torment Corey afterwards, putting lipstick on my mother schooling pros him and introducing him to strangers. Essay Theories? Because it is year schooling, my duty to punch below the belt, I told him I was a big fan of the rap song that I saw him perform on television, which was among the shittiest songs ever recorded yet still not cool enough by far to be the worst thing I had ever heard. When the movie started, Jena Jameson kept making comments like, “Well, what are we going to do later?

Are we going to supply case go out to a bar? Are we going to hang out? You know I strip dance to your music. Wow I can’t believe I’m really sitting here with you…” She had a whole catalog of different “I’m a whore, I’m a virgin, I’m your mom, I’m your daughter” lines; she had all different kinds of fuck-me-doll looks; she pulled out the entire contents of her seduction bag of tricks. My Mother Essay Year Schooling Pros? There’s a scene in the film where Howard is sitting with a famous B-movie girl at a theater and she puts her hand on his leg. Essay Best Service? At the year pros same time, Jenna put her hand on my leg, which completely freaked me out because the part that Traci Lords was originally supposed to play in the movie was that B-movie actress.

Jenna’s hand slowly started to on leadership theories - pdf file creep up toward my crotch, and, since I wasn’t on pros coke, I had a hard-on. I probably could have gotten one anyways because she had some sort of magical touch to her fingertips. After the film, we rode to the Whiskey Bar in my limo. She had a friend with her that nobody wanted to talk to because she wasn’t a porn star and thesis about sq3r technique, the fact that she wasn’t wearing a yellow dress didn’t make up for the fact that she was not as attractive as her friend. Maybe Jenna had worn the essay year round pros yellow dress out of friendship, like a golfing handicap, to diminish her powers.

At the bar, we sat between Billy Corgan and Essay, Rick Rubin. Somehow Jenna had my jacket on her lap, and year round schooling, she put my hand up her skirt to Business for … show me that she wasn’t wearing any underwear. So I was sitting there with my hand inside her trying to convince Billy Corgan, on my left, that if he wore a yellow shirt with a black zig-zag across it he would be Charlie Brown. But I was so drunk and high that Rick Rubin’s beard seemed like a cloud, covering the whole room. Everybody had his heard. I looked around and Jenna had the beard, I felt the beard under her skirt, all of a sudden Billy Corgan had a full head of hair made out of Rick Rubin’s bear. ZZ Top showed up in the Eliminator car and had a bunch of hot girls got out. They were all people I had fucked and they all had beards. I got stressed out, and I was having a bit of an my mother pros, episode, and Standards of Care Arthritis", I didn’t know where my finger was. When I removed it I was too scared to look at it or smell it because if it was good, I would want to make Billy smell it, and if it was bad, I didn’t want to ruin the my mother pleasant evening I was anticipating.

So I just avoided it altogether, sitting on my hand so the smell would waft. Back in the limo, I asked Jenna if she wanted to go back to my room. But she said she had someone waiting for Business School, her at her hotel. Then she had some kind of year secret dialogue with her friend in Urdu or old Dutch or sign language or hieroglyphics. What I discovered through many years of elk speaks essay linguistic and archaeological research int women’s codes was that she was married and her husband was waiting for her, which was more fantastic and made me want her more. So she came back with me, of course, and I recalled from the film that the essay character who was supposed to be played by file Traci Lords made Howard Stern get in the bathtub with her. So I thought, “Why not?” The only year pros, other thing I can remember from dakg supply management, that night is that she had a tattoo on her ass that said HEARTBREAKER.

But then again, everyone in America who has ever watched any of her films knows that, so maybe it was all a dream. But if it was a dream, it was a wet one. The following is an interview with SPIN’s Julia Chaplin and accompanied Manson’s autobiography excerpt above. SPIN: You’re only 28. Don’t you think it’s a little early to write an autobiography? Manson: I though it would be earlier now than later in life to explain how I grew up and the transformation that’s taken place over the past 27 years. Year Round Schooling? I tried to do that on Antichrist Superstar , but it was much more esoteric and metaphorical, and I don’t think a lot of people understood it. Now people will know the sq3r technique facts, not a version skewed by my mother essay year round schooling magazine editors. How much of The Long Hard Road Out of Hell did you actually write? It was mostly dictated. I would tell [coauthor] Neil Strauss stories, because I don’t have the patience or skill to write them down myself.

I’m sure in a month or so I’m sure in a month or so I’ll deny things I’ve said and for …, attribute them to drug use or coercion by Neil. After reading you life story, do you still like yourself? I’m so detached from the pros things that I’ve done that when I read the book it’s almost like hearing them for Standards, the first time. Sometimes it makes me feel like shit about myself, and my mother schooling, sometimes it makes me finally understand. In the book you dis most everyone, from friends like Trent Reznor, Daisy Berkowitz, and Business Essay, Courtney Love, to your fans, your parents, and essay round schooling, your record label. Do you fear retaliation from anyone? I don’t fear anything.

Life is on leadership - pdf file, short and I’m here to entertain people. My Mother Essay Year? It’s just my point of view. Anyone I’ve offended, they always have their side of the story. Do you think Trent, who produced Antichrist Superstar , will be entertained with your portrayal of him as a jealous control freak? I don’t know how he’ll feel about anything that I’ve done or said. Dakg Supply Chain Case? I love him like a brother and I hope that we’ve all learned something from the my mother essay pros past year. Tell me about your next album. We’re nearly finished writing it.

Whereas on Antichrist Superstar I compared myself to Lucifer’s fall from thesis about technique, heaven, giving God the middle finger the whole way down, the new album is more about what happens when I land on my mother essay year round schooling pros earth and try to fit in as a human being. Who will produce the record? Billy Corgan will be executive producer. After meeting him last year I saw he was different than the help service people I had worked with in the past. I’ve always been more of a traditional Beatles/Rolling Stones/David Bowie songwriting fan, and sometimes that had been discouraged for the sake of being more inventive. Billy actually made me feel good about the year pros things that I like in music. I’ve also recruited the Dust Brothers to mix the dakg supply management essay album. Why did you decide to work with Billly instead of Trent?

I don’t want people to think Marilyn Manson can only sound like Nine Inch Nails. We hired Trent because I respected, and still do respect, what he does musically. But that’s not all I have to schooling offer. A lot of people say Trent Reznor was the talent behind your last two albums. The next record will prove Marilyn Manson’s musical identity. And whether that proves that I’m a failure or a genius remains to be seen.

Will you stay on elk speaks Reznor’s Nothing Records? Absolutely. There’s no bitterness on my part toward Trent, but there is essay round, no reason for us to work together on another album. Are you plotting to piss off conservatives with the thesis sq3r next record? No. I’m actually hoping to piss off Satanists. It may have a gospel edge to my mother essay year schooling it. Does that mean you won’t be playing Ozzfest next summer? Maybe Lilith Fair would be better. Those people are far more depraved and essay on leadership theories, satanic than I could ever be. Christians hate their message—open-mindedness, sexuality, women’s rights—and they’re presenting it in an innocuous, folksy way.

That’s much more subversive than me. What do you think of the recent Senate hearings where they blamed your song lyrics for a teenager’s suicide? It’s a tradition to try and blame music for a bad upbringing. These hearings are the result of year schooling someone looking to get reelected or trying to get their name in Business Questions for … the paper. The exploit the my mother essay schooling parents who claim their kids have been injured because of music.

That’s far more despicable than anything I could ever do.

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140 Creative PowerPoint Presentation Topics for College Students. When it comes to creating a good PowerPoint presentation, choosing an interesting topic can define your success. Both teachers and students get bored with dull presentation topics. To avoid losing your audience and getting a lower grade, you should start with mulling over a few cool presentation ideas to pick a perfect topic. Since there are so many different subjects, it might be rather difficult for you to find suitable topics for my mother round pros, presentation assignments. Prior to getting started, go through this checklist and settle on one topic: Go online and look for Essay Questions for …, interesting presentation topics. There is no guarantee that you will find a good subject to explore, but you can draw inspiration to year schooling, come up with your own idea. Your professors can provide you with some unique presentation ideas if you seek their help at once. Standards Of Care Arthritis" Essay! Don’t wait until another student gets a cool topic; be the essay year round schooling pros, first to ask.

The easiest way to make an effective presentation is to tell about something you are interested in or know well. The best presentation topics ideas come from for … a person’s expertise or experience. So think carefully what makes you engaged in a particular subject and use it to construct a topic. If you are still uncertain about your presentation, read on to find a wide range of engaging presentation topics. A List of Interesting Presentation Topics for College. To help you make your college presentations exciting, we have composed the year pros, list of universally interesting topics in about sq3r technique various subjects.

The areas of study are arranged in alphabetical order. If you are in hurry and do not have a time for creating PowerPoint Presentation by your own, you may use our top-notch assistance. Place your first order and get 25 % off discount! Environmental impact of agriculture Development and utilization of bio-based fuels How world population growth affects global demand for commodities Americans waste their food Trump’s return to essay year schooling pros, conventional agriculture How GMO labeling works Anti-pollution efforts anyone can put in How is your beef treated before it ends up on your plate How is permaculture different from organic gardening Is there a future for sustainable agriculture? Popular misconceptions about oil paintings Is graffiti an artwork? The art of digital photography World weirdest museums Greatest painters of all time Peculiarities of Orientalism in art Religious aspects of art Impressions from Impressionism Posters and collages: modern art The art of murals. Modern garden architecture Examples of post-modernist architecture Environmentally friendly architecture Architectural design World’s most impressive pieces of architecture Religious architecture Greatest architects of black elk speaks, all time Industrial architecture Best examples of landscape architecture Architectural engineering. Pros and round pros cons of family-owned business Business ethics as a key factor in corporate success Evolution of entrepreneurship How does a franchise work Advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing Is freelancing a career?

Effective management techniques How to create a healthy workplace environment Importance of the thesis about sq3r technique, workplace diversity Perks of e-commerce. My Mother Year Round Pros! Criminal Justice Presentation Topics. Hate crimes in sq3r different age groups What you should know about human trafficking How to deal with domestic violence Danger of cybercrime How to prevent crime How prison system works Consequences of wrongful conviction Capital punishment Elder/child abuse Types of juvenile delinquency. How urban ecology works Notion of environmental racism Size and essay year schooling pros impact of industrial pollution Environmental sustainability Consequences of essay - pdf, deforestation What is ecofeminism? Contamination of groundwater Exposure to my mother essay year schooling, nuclear waste How bad is essay on leadership theories - pdf file, air pollution? Management of water resources. Role of the schooling pros, USA in Vietnam War Constitutional history of the thesis sq3r, US Rise and fall of the Roman Empire A typical day of an ancient Egyptian Interesting facts from my mother round Cleopatra’s biography Ancient Greece and the origins of democracy Historical aspects of Sumerian mythology Famous women in world history Unknown facts about "The of Care of a Patient with, Geronimo Legacy of African-American folklore.

Difference between consumption and consumerism Role of social media in our personal life Why are people obsessed with celebrities? Which family values still matter? Drug and alcohol substitutes Social issues of dating violence How efficient is pros, online dating? Spending quality time with your friends Growing up in dakg supply chain case essay the same-gender family Does sport equal health? Haiku: Japanese poetry at its best Stendahl and his two colors of French novel Literary genre of mystery and detective fiction George Orwell and dystopian literature Evolution of the short story genre Kabuki, a traditional Japanese theater Gods in Scandinavian mythology Catharsis and Greek tragedy Peculiarities of medieval drama Origins of science fiction literature. Archetypal attraction to horror movies Difference between stereotypes, discrimination, and prejudice False memory disorder Gender roles in modern society What is social identity? Cognitive models of decision making Individual differences in reasoning Nature of cognitive dissonance Experimental social psychology Basics of self-reflection. Schooling! What determines body mass index?

How harmful is tobacco smoke? Germ theory of disease Sleep deprivation, patterns, and habits Cosmology versus cosmogony Marijuana use, dependence, and abuse What do we know about case essay, genes and DNA? Role of my mother essay schooling, biotechnics Greatest women in science Origins of Standards of a Patient with Rheumatoid Essay, modern calculus. Popular sports superstitions Where do the fastest cars race? Greatest athletes of my mother essay year round, all times Little known facts about the Olympics Equine therapy for autistic kids History of Business School, basketball Famous animal athletes Origins of martial arts Which sports cause most injuries?

Traditional sports you never heard of. Evolution of round pros, artificial intelligence Ethical hacker: Can hacking be legal? Possibilities of solar energy How a lie detector works Prospects of green technology Ethics of genetic engineering Eco-friendly means of transportation Networked culture of social media Risks of nanotechnology development SpaceX’s interplanetary spaceship. Essay On Leadership - Pdf File! Greatest discoveries of the my mother schooling pros, last decade Industrial impact of autonomous cars Governmental control of the Internet iOS versus Android Gender difference in IQ Reasons to stop watching horror movies Busting fast food myths Can an atheist have virtues? Blogging as self-employment Why care about politics? You can choose any of the essay on leadership - pdf file, suggested topics to essay year schooling pros, make an interesting college presentation. You can also try exploring curious and controversial aspects of a subject. In such a way, you will be able to find an of a Essay engaging topic for your slide show. You should not forget to make your PowerPoint presentation effective and memorable. For this, use images of good quality and appropriate size.

Remember that a successful presentation is a combination of round schooling, interesting information and helpful visual aids. That is why it is crucial that you provide both for about sq3r, your audience. My Mother Year Round Schooling Pros! Best of luck! its amazing, i#8217;m learned more presentations#8230;#8230;.

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Order Essay Paper From #1 Paper Writing Service For Students - School essay year and round pros cons - Ingeus - Providence College Developed by Joseph Travis, Florida State University. In my courses I emphasize essay answers to examination questions. Schooling! Some questions are designed for very short answers and essay best others for longer, more complex answers. The questions range in scope and complexity, which is why different questions require answers of different length. Regardless of my mother pros this variation in length, all of the questions are really short-answer essay questions because no single question requires you to write for 2-3 hours. Writing an effective short answer is a learned skill. By effective I mean an answer that is correct and black elk speaks essay that is succinct.

The succinct attribute is important for two reasons. My Mother Year Pros! First, you will be operating under time limits, and you need to use your time efficiently. Second, succinct answers are easier to understand and interpret, and you are more likely to get the black elk speaks credit you deserve with a succinct answer. Thus an effective answer will address the thrust of the question and avoid unnecessary detail and irrelevant information. An effective answer will not do the following: restate the essay year schooling question (which wastes time) list everything that could conceivably be relevant to the question (which not only wastes time but suggests to about sq3r the grader that you can't distinguish relevant from irrelevant information) place potentially useful statements of fact in random order (which forces the grader to attempt to discern your logic, usually to your detriment) use vague or very general sentences (which forces the grader to guess what you really meant to write) An effective answer will do the following: state the major point as the first sentence (which declares an my mother year schooling pros immediate focus for your answer and inspires confidence in the grader that you know what you are doing as you answer the question) organize supportive or explanatory material to follow the major point (which helps the grader understand your logic and the intent of your answer) use specific terms and careful language (which helps minimize ambiguity so that the grader does not misinterpret the meaning of the answer) Effective answers need not be long; indeed, long answers are often bad answers.

A common flaw in essay answers is the writer's inability to communicate the theories crucial point or, stated differently, separate the facts from my mother year schooling pros their significance. Science is not a collection of dusty facts (or acetone-smeared facts or adjectival facts of any sort) but a process of critical reasoning, careful experimentation, and insightful integration of apparently unrelated information into a synthetic hypothesis to explain natural phenomena. The essay questions require you to perform the first and third of these elements on Business School Essay Questions for …, this small scale. On the following pages, I offer four examples of different types of essay questions. Each example uses an actual question that I've employed in one of my mother essay year schooling pros my courses and includes a short analysis of the question so that you can appreciate it drawn, as they are here, out of black essay context from the course. For three of the four examples I present genuine answers of varying quality; by genuine I mean answers that were actually written by students on a quiz or examination that used that question. For each answer I offer some diagnostic analysis of its quality. Example 1: A straightforward regurgitation question. Let's look first at a straightforward question that I use in PCB 4673 (Evolution) and analyze why some of the answers are good ones and others not. Question.

Why was Castle's guinea pig experiment so critical for Darwinian selection? Note. This is a straightforward question for which the correct answer need only repeat what was discussed in class. Good answer. Castle's experiment showed that selection could produce a phenotype that was beyond the range of the phenotypic variation that was present at my mother year round schooling pros, the start of the on leadership theories - pdf file experiment; it was a novel phenotype.

Critics of Darwinian selection had pointed out, correctly, that there was no evidence that such selection could do more than move a population's phenotype around within pre-set limits. Castle's work showed that selection could produce phenotypes that were outside of the original limits and thus that selection could be a constructive force. Analysis. The writer states first what Castle's experiment showed. She then points out why Darwinian selection was not being accepted as a useful mechanism for my mother essay round pros, evolution, and follows this statement by reiterating the result of Castle's work in those terms. She did not discuss another implication of Castle's experiment, that natural populations harbored lots of hidden genetic variation, which implied that the rate of evolution would not be limited by the rate of mutational input. Although this implication is important, the essence of the question was addressing Darwinian selection and essay what it could accomplish and not the my mother year schooling ultimate governor of the rate of evolution. Bad answer. Castle's experiment was critical for Darwinian selection.

Darwin said that selection would work among individuals within populations and Castle showed that this could work. Analysis. The writer first re-states the question; if doing so helps you focus, that's fine, but the writer appears to have mistaken restating the black essay question for a good topic sentence or a good opening claim. The rest of the my mother essay year pros answer includes two true statements, that Darwin said . . . and that Castle showed . . . , but of course others had shown that selection could work within populations (indeed, Darwin himself knew this from agronomic records) and on leadership - pdf file that the process could work was not at issue. The contentious issue was its effectiveness. Now the writer might claim that this is what he meant of my mother essay year round pros course, but the answer doesn't say that, and the graders shouldn't be expected to be mind readers. Mediocre answer. Castle showed that if you kept selecting you would cause the phenotype to break through the plateau it had reached before. Darwin's selection mechanism was not known to best be able to break that plateau and others had tried and failed to do that. Analysis.

A demanding grader would call this a poor answer because it is not specific. My Mother Year Round Pros! There is no clear description of what the plateau is and about technique no clear, unambiguous interpretation of the essay year round schooling phrase it had reached before. Before what? Before when? Of course, if one had attended the lecture one could read into this answer the essential elements of the correct diagnosis. We know that the plateau refers to the point at which no further phenotypic change was obtained and "The Standards of Care Patient with Essay that the location of essay that plateau was usually at the extreme of the original phenotypic range. But without that knowledge the answer is black elk speaks essay vague; the year schooling pros student is essay help best asking for schooling, the grader's indulgence and a bit of reading between the lines in order to get full credit.

A grader in a good mood, early in the semester, might let this vagueness be acceptable, but do you really want your grade to Patient Arthritis" depend on my mood? Example 2: A question that allows you to choose what to regurgitate. Let's examine a question I've used in the Evolution course that is my mother essay slightly more difficult to answer. Question. Offer two lines of evidence from biogeography that helped provoke Darwin's (and others of his time) ideas about chain essay evolution and briefly explain why they were important. Note. In the lecture I discuss several biogeographic patterns that provoked Darwin and many of his contemporaries to wonder about the idea that the earth's features (physiography, flora, and fauna) were static. Essay Year Round Schooling! This question asks the student to recall two out of those several patterns; any two of them will suffice if the essay best essay student can also recall correctly the significance of each pattern. The answer is essay pros a regurgitation of lecture material, but in this case there are some options about what to Business School Essay regurgitate. Good answer.

First, young islands (younger than the adjacent mainland) had differentiated forms of plants compared to the same species on the adjacent mainland. The differential ages of the two locations would rule out essay year round schooling, a single creation event so there would have to be either multiple creations, a serious flaw in understanding ages of land masses, or some type of evolution. The volcanic islands of the Galapagos were important for eliminating the second possibility. Second, the best essay anomalous distribution of year schooling pros primitive organisms, which were found in some places but not others, unlike the advanced organisms. These were awfully odd and essay theories file idiosyncratic patterns of placement for a single creation and there were not traces of differential extinction that would explain it.

Analysis. The student set out essay year round, two clear lines of evidence, using first and second so that there was no doubt as to where one idea ended and the next began. Essay Help Best Essay! The student then stated why each line of evidence was important. He did not assert that either line of evidence proved evolution to have occurred (which they don't) but stated why they did not fit the essay year round prevailing paradigm of the time, which was a single creation event. Bad answer. Many species are different from one island to the next and in fact some occur only on one island. Help Best Service! When an island is younger than another one and many animals are different then they must have evolved on one or more of my mother year round schooling pros them. Skunk cabbage is found only in two very different places and Business Essay this means it had to have evolved twice and not once in any single creation. Analysis.

This answer has a lot of problems. The question asked for two lines of evidence and a clear statement of why each was important. I count four lines of evidence (two in the first sentence) and there is no clear demarcation of my mother year schooling where one line ends and another begins. The lack of such a demarcation might lead a grader to wonder if the student understood the difference or has blurred the distinctions among all of those lines. Let's move on to another part of the answer: in no case can one unequivocally conclude that . . . this means it had to have evolved . . . Dakg Supply Case Essay! because these patterns alone are not proof of anything.

In the last sentence the student blurs the my mother round schooling pros distinction between the number of creation events and the number of evolutionary events. Finally, there is no mention of the fact that skunk cabbage is a primitive plant, which is vital to the argument. Its puzzling distibution is not terribly germane or interesting; the pattern is in the cumulative evidence of the odd patterns of many, many primitive taxa. Example 3: A question whose answer is "The of a regurgitation but that requires some. thought about what, precisely, is to be regurgitated. This example is drawn from the Evolution course (PCB 4673); as in the preceding questions, the my mother year pros answers I've reproduced here are real ones offered by students in the past.

Question. Explain the meaning of the chain essay statement natural selection is not evolution. Note. This question reflects the most basic points that I make in the first three lectures in the course. I define evolution and natural selection and take pains to point out at which level each of them occurs. Many students enter the course with the idea that natural selection and evolution are synonymous, which they are not, and I consider it vitally important to disabuse them of this idea at the start of the course. The dilemma many students encounter in year round schooling pros answering this question is that they are not entirely sure why natural selection is not evolution. In other words, they might have memorized the definitions but didn't think about the relationship between the concepts. As a result, they aren't sure which definitions can be combined to concoct a correct answer. The key to a correct answer is to black appreciate the definitions and the relationships among the concepts that they describe.

Good answer. Evolution is a process of descent with modification at the level of the year biological population; selection is one of several mechanisms that produce evolution. Good answer. Evolution is a genetic phenomenon and selection is a phenotypic one that occurs within a single generation and is only a mechanism of evolution. Analysis. In the help best essay service first case the student began with the my mother essay year pros definition of supply essay evolution; as the second answer reveals, this wasn't really necessary to get full credit, although both writers obviously knew the definition of round evolution. The first student emphasized the definition of evolution and the second, the definition of selection, but the essence of each good answer was to distinguish evolution from one of elk speaks its driving mechanisms.

Bad answer. Evolution is my mother round schooling pros a process of descent with modification at the level of the Essay biological population and natural selection is the nonrandom differential proliferation of phenotypes within a single generation. My Mother Essay Schooling Pros! Evolution can be caused by gene flow and mutation as well as genetic drift. Analysis. Here the Business Questions for … student repeats the my mother schooling definitions of evolution and essay help service natural selection, correctly.

The student continues to state that three other forces can cause evolution, also correctly. Nothing in my mother round this answer is incorrect, thanks to the student's diligent memorization of definitions. Unfortunately he did not answer the question except in dakg management an implicit fashion, presuming (I suppose) that if the grader read the definitions enough times he/she would realize that evolution and selection were quite different concepts. This still does not provide a clear answer to the question that was asked. The problem with this answer is that the grader must decide whether the student really understands the material or is simply regurgitating definitions in the hope that these will be sufficient. Essay Schooling! Given that understanding and Business School Questions critical thinking are what we hope to cultivate here, mere memorization and regurgitation are unlikely to succeed in convincing the graders. Worse answer. Natural selection is essay year round pros part of evolution. Analysis.

In some sense this statement is true, but of course it is so vague that it could mean almost anything (even something mystical, which is essay on leadership NOT the province of this course). The statement is trivially true and round pros no credit would be given for it. Example 4: A question that requires original thought and has no single correct answer. Let's examine a more difficult question that I've used in my course on Lower Vertebrates (ZOO 4343C). Theories File! This is the type of question that usually poses the greatest challenge for students. One reason is that there is no single correct answer to parts of the question; therefore anyone who relies solely on memorization of lecture and my mother round schooling textual material is likely to be lost immediately. The other reason it's often troublesome is that it requires the student to recall diverse information from both the lecture and the laboratory portion of the course and synthesize that information for him/herself. I will present the question and Business Essay instead of offering analyses of good and bad answers, describe what is needed to answer the question.

Question. My Mother Essay Year Schooling! Consider four local frogs and their larval habitats. In temporary ponds we can find Hyla femoralis and chain case essay Rana areolata, whereas in permanent rivers we can find Hyla avivoca and Rana heckscheri. The two Hyla species are palatable to fish and salamanders, but the two species of Rana are unpalatable to both fish and salamanders. Salamander larvae are never found in the presence of fish and my mother pros are quite palatable to fish. (a) Design an experiment that would reveal whether the larvae of each frog species can detect and essay respond to the presence of a predator. (b) Speculate on the results of such an experiment for each species if you used the following animals (one at essay, a time) as potential predator stimulants: Fundulus lineolatus Lepomis spp. Thesis About! Leptolucania ommata Ambystoma talpoideum Esox americanus An introduced centrarchid Heterandria formosa Aphredodorus sayanus A dragonfly. (c) Frog larvae are herbivorous, and salamander larvae are carnivorous. Offer one hypothesis to explain why no salamanders are ever observed to live with fish yet some frog larvae are so observed. (d) Parts (a)-(c) addressed the responses of larval frogs or salamanders. Essay! Given the facts in hand, should you expect adult female Hyla femoralis to recognize and respond to the presence of fish in thesis sq3r technique a body of water?

Justify your answer. (e) Several species of my mother year schooling frogs have larvae that school, that is that actively associate and move as a roughly coordinated unit in the water. Knowing what you know, should these animals be more likely to be found in temporary or permanent water? Justify your answer. Note. Standards Of A Patient With Arthritis" Essay! In the lecture on predator-prey relationships, I describe experiments of the type requested in part (a), so in fact that portion of the question might be considered simple regurgitation. Essay Year! However, even if the student hasn't memorized the actual experimental designs that were reviewed in class, he/she ought to understand the issues well enough to design a suitable experiment.

The fundamental premise is supply management case that antipredator behaviors are attributes that have evolved in response to the predators that a species has experienced consistently over its history. Through the field trips, the students have been to the contrasting habitat types and are likely to have seen most if not all of the my mother essay round schooling pros taxa mentioned in the question. Dakg Supply Chain! Moreover, they should know which taxa occur in which type of habitat (which is pros required to answer part (b) correctly, or at least with some logical basis). Armed with that knowledge, a student might expect that tadpoles of H. Black Essay! femoralis, which live only in temporary ponds, would be able to essay year round schooling recognize and respond to predators in temporary ponds like dragonflies or the salamander and not to the fish (which don't occur in temporary ponds). Tadpoles of the closely related H. avivoca, which live in rivers, might be expected to respond appropriately to native riverine fish but not to the dragonfly or salamander. Its unclear what one might expect those tadpoles to do in response to lacustrine fish or an introduced fish species; they might be using a cue that is dakg supply management essay provided by essay year round schooling, all fish, or they might use species-specific cues. This is "The Standards of a Rheumatoid Arthritis" Essay a subtle point, the my mother essay year round pros recognition of which separates the best students from the others. I look for essay on leadership, the student to express this uncertainty, not to take a position on one or other side of this issue. My Mother Round Pros! The pair of Rana species really just offer the opportunity to repeat the same analysis. Parts (c), (d), and (e) request a speculative answer.

Thoughtful answers require the student to have paid attention to the lectures on ecological relationships and School Essay for … antipredator behaviors and assimilated some of the patterns of habitat associations that I would have pointed out on our field trips. I maintain that the best preparation for an essay examination consists of studying the material as it is presented and not attempting to cram just before the examination. In my courses, I also provide a list of review questions, essay-style questions that address the material to be covered in the examinations. I provide these at the beginning of the course so that the round schooling pros students can use them to guide their studying as they progress in the course. So in other words, a student could peruse the review questions, select those that pertain to each week's coverage, and use those to help discern the critical points in the material. But even an dakg essay energetic student can encounter trouble in attempting to express his/her knowledge in writing. One way to my mother round schooling pros try to improve one's communication skills is to discuss the review questions with other students and develop a consensus about how they are best answered. One exercise that I have used to elk speaks essay help some students is to have them answer 1-2 questions each week in year schooling pros writing and give those answers to me. I return the answers with critique and comment on how they could be improved; these are not graded, so it is a purely voluntary exercise.

I have found that this exercise invariably helps students learn to write better and improve their grades. The improvement in writing skills carries over to of Care of a other venues as well.