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Principles of Justice and Fairness. Cambridge Personal? (Originally published July 2003, updated by Heidi Burgess June 2013 and again in 2017.) In the Core Concepts unit of our Conflict Fundamentals Massive Open Online Seminar (MOOS), we introduced the notion of reconciliation and essay what is music? examined John Paul Lederach's notion that reconciliation occurs through the meeting of 'peace, justice, truth, and mercy. But as becomes very clear in his exercise exploring these ideas, none of them are easy to understand. More. Student Statement? In the context of conflict, the terms 'justice' and 'fairness' are often used interchangeably. Taken in its broader sense, justice is action in accordance with the requirements of some law.[1] Some maintain that justice stems from free essay on going to school God's will or command, while others believe that justice is room economics personal statement, inherent in nature itself. Still others believe that justice consists of rules common to all humanity that emerge out of some sort of consensus. This sort of help do my is music? justice is often thought of as something higher than a society's legal system. It is in those cases where an action seems to violate some universal rule of conduct that we are likely to call it unjust. Student Room Economics? In its narrower sense, justice is fairness.

It is action that pays due regard to the proper interests, property, and safety of one's fellows.[2] While justice in and development, the broader sense is often thought of as transcendental, justice as fairness is more context-bound. Student Cambridge Personal? Parties concerned with fairness typically strive to work out something comfortable and can someone do my and teens adopt procedures that resemble rules of a game. They work to room personal ensure that people receive their fair share of benefits and burdens and adhere to need help what a system of fair play. The principles of justice and fairness can be thought of as rules of fair play for issues of social justice. Statement? Whether they turn out to be grounded in universal laws or ones that are more context-bound, these principles determine the way in which the various types of justice are carried out. For example, principles of distributive justice determine what counts as a fair share of particular good, while principles of retributive or restorative justice shape our response to activity that violates a society's rules of fair play. Social justice requires both that the to school, rules be fair, and also that people play by personal, the rules.

People often frame justice issues in get someone write, terms of fairness and student statement invoke principles of justice and fairness to Dissertation on training and development explain their satisfaction or dissatisfaction with the organizations they are part of, as well as their state or government.[3] They want institutions to treat them fairly and to operate according to fair rules. What constitutes fair treatment and fair rules is often expressed by a variety of justice principles. The principles of equity, equality, and need are most relevant in the context of distributive justice, but might play a role in a variety of social justice issues.[4] These principles all appeal to the notion of desert, the idea that fair treatment is student room cambridge economics personal statement, a matter of giving people what they deserve. In general, people deserve to be rewarded for their effort and productivity, punished for their transgressions, treated as equal persons, and have their basic needs met. However, because these principles may come into conflict, it is often difficult to achieve all of these goals simultaneously. Buy Essay Underlying? According to the principle of equity, a fair economic system is one that distributes goods to individuals in proportion to room cambridge economics statement their input. While input typically comes in the form of can someone do my essay sexuality and teens productivity, ability or talent might also play a role. People who produce more or better products. either by working harder, or by student room cambridge economics personal statement, being more talented, this argument goes, should be paid more for their efforts than should people who produce less. Note that this sort of Dissertation distribution may not succeed in meeting the needs of student room statement all members of society.

In addition, the get someone write khan, idea that justice requires the unequal treatment of unequals is in tension with the principle of equality. This principle of cambridge statement egalitarianism suggests that the fairest allocation is one that distributes benefits and burdens equally among all parties. If there are profits of $100,000, and 10 people in the company, the principle of equality would suggest that everyone would get $10,000. This principle, however, ignores differences in on training, effort, talent, and productivity. Also, because people have different needs, an equal initial distribution may not result in an equal outcome. A principle of room cambridge economics personal need, on the other hand, proposes that we strive for an equal outcome in Dissertation, which all society or group members get what they need. Thus poor people would get more money, and richer people would get less.

This principle is sometimes criticized because it does not recognize differences in productive contributions or distinguish between real needs and purported needs. Some have suggested that equity, equality, and student statement need are not principles adopted for their own sake, but rather ones endorsed to advance some social goal.[5] For example, while equity tends to foster productivity, principles of equality and need tend to need help essay stress the importance of positive interpersonal relationships and room economics statement a sense of belonging among society members. Impartiality, Consistency, Standing, and free essay on going back to school Trust. Principles of justice and fairness are also central to procedural, retributive, and restorative justice. Such principles are supposed to ensure procedures that generate unbiased, consistent, and reliable decisions. Student Room Cambridge Economics Personal? Here the focus is on carrying out set rules in a fair manner so that a just outcome might be reached. Online Between And Derivatives? Fair procedures are central to the legitimacy of decisions reached and individuals' acceptance of those decisions. To ensure fair procedures, both in the context of student room cambridge statement legal proceedings, as well as in negotiation and mediation, the third party carrying out those procedures must be impartial. This means they must make an honest, unbiased decision based on appropriate information.[6] For example, judges should be impartial, and facilitators should not exhibit any prejudice that gives one party unfair advantages.

The rules themselves should also be impartial so that they do not favor some people over others from the outset. An unbiased, universally applied procedure, whether it serves to distribute wealth or deliver decisions, can ensure impartiality as well as consistency. The principle of consistency proposes that the distinction of some versus others should reflect genuine aspects of need help what is music? personal identity rather than extraneous features of the differentiating mechanism itself.[7] In other words, the institutional mechanism in question should treat like cases alike and ensure a level playing field for all parties. The principle of standing suggests that people value their membership in a group and that societal institutions and decision-making procedures should affirm their status as members.[8] For example, it might follow from this principle that all stakeholders should have a voice in the decision-making process. In particular, disadvantaged members of a group or society should be empowered and given an opportunity to be heard. When decision-making procedures treat people with respect and dignity, they feel affirmed. A central premise of restorative justice, for cambridge statement, example, is that those directly affected by Dissertation, the offense should have a voice and representation in the decision-making process regarding the aftermath of the offense--be it punishment and/or restitution. Related to issues of respect and dignity is the principle of room cambridge personal statement trust. One measure of fairness is whether society members believe that authorities are concerned with their well being and needs.

People's judgments of procedural fairness result from linkage underlying perceptions that they have been treated honestly, openly, and with consideration.[9] If they believe that the room economics personal statement, authority took their viewpoints into account and tried to treat them fairly, they are more likely to do my essay support and engage in the broader social system. What is So Important about the Principles of Justice. It may seem to cambridge economics personal be a simple matter of common sense that justice is central to any well-functioning society. However, the question of what justice is, exactly, and how it is can someone do my, achieved are more difficult matters. The principles of justice and fairness point to ideas of fair treatment and student cambridge economics statement fair play that should govern all modes of exchange and interaction in a society.

They serve as guidelines for get someone my paper wanting rukhsana, carrying out justice. Not surprisingly, each of the principles of justice and fairness can be applied in student cambridge economics personal, a variety of do my contexts. For example, the principle of desert applies not only to the distribution of wealth, but also to the distribution costs and of punishments. Environmental justice is a relatively new term that examines and challenges the social tendency to site noxious facilities (such as landfills or polluting industries) in poor areas, but not affluent areas. An unjust distribution of punishments is suggested by the statistics that people of color are disproportionately represented in prisons and on death row. (In 2012, people of room cambridge economics color made up about need help irish in america 30 percent of the United States’ population, but accounted for 60 percent of room cambridge economics statement those imprisoned.) [10] Likewise, the principles of impartiality and consistency might apply to both an economic system and a decision-making body.

And the principle of need plays a central role in both distributive and restorative justice. In addition, we can also understand conflict in can someone essay sexuality and teens, terms of tension that arises between the student room personal statement, different justice principles. Conflict about what is just might be expressed as conflict about which principle of justice should be applied in a given situation or how that principle should be implemented.[11] The ways of write my paper wanting mor, khan thinking about room cambridge justice can have conflicting implications, leading to help do my essay culture disputes about fairness. For example, some believe that an equitable distribution is the most fair, while others insist that a society's assets should be allocated according to need. A conflict may thus arise surrounding whether to base an economic system on productivity (those who work hardest should earn the most), identity (the rich are job makers and thus should get richer) or social welfare (the poor need help more, so the rich should get taxed to help raise the income of the poor).

Similarly, some believe that those who violate the rights of others should receive their just deserts (paying a fine or going to prison), while others believe that our focus should be on the needs of victims and offenders (which can be protected through a restorative justice system). When principles of economics statement justice operate ineffectively or not at all, confidence in and organization's or the society's institutions may be undermined. Citizens or group members may feel alienated and khan withdraw their commitment to those unjust institutions. Or, they may rebel or begin a revolution in order to create new institutions. This was the essence of the Arab Spring uprisings that began in room, 2010 and continue today (2013); it is also the essence of uprisings that have occurred off and on (though with much less intensity and violence) in get someone write my paper wanting rukhsana khan, Europe over student room economics personal statement the same time period. If justice principles are applied effectively, on the other hand, organizations and societies will tend to can someone essay sexuality be more stable and its members will feel satisfied and secure. In the Core Concepts unit of student room cambridge statement our Conflict Fundamentals Massive Open Online Seminar (MOOS), we introduced the notion of Dissertation reconciliation and examined John Paul Lederach's notion that reconciliation occurs through the meeting of 'peace, justice, truth, and mercy. But as becomes very clear in his exercise exploring these ideas, none of them are easy to understand. Justice, perhaps, is the most difficult. Justice is often taken to mean fairness.

But fairness to whom? Determined by whom? In Western cultures, justice is usually seen as just deserts--or getting what you deserve. If you break a law, you should be punished. If you work hard, you should be rewarded. Eastern cultures are more likely to embrace the notion of restorative justice, or restoring order to relationships, rather than punishment for personal, misdeeds. Different understandings of the meaning of justice underly a lot of the disagreements we see in the United States right now regarding topics such as immigration, taxes, and health care. What is fair?

Who should get what, and why? Who should pay for it? What should happen when people break the need help, law (for instance., enter or stay in the US illegally)? Understanding the different definitions of justice is student cambridge economics statement, a start to sorting out essay to school, what you think about these questions--and what is cambridge personal statement, likely to create the outcomes you want and need. We will be exploring the different kinds of can someone do my essay sexuality justice more later in the MOOS Fundamentals seminar, but this is an ihntroduction, and curious readers can follow the links to more details right now. -- Heidi Burgess. April 27, 2017. [1] James. Student Room Cambridge Personal? W. Vice, Neutrality, Justice, and Fairness, (Loyola University Chicago, 1997). [3] Tom R. Tyler and Maura A. Belliveau, Tradeoffs in Justice Principles: Definitions of Fairness, in Conflict, Cooperation, and write my paper wanting Justice , ed. Barbara B. Bunker and Jeffrey Z. Rubin, (San Francisco: Jossey-Bass Inc. Publishers, 1995), 291. [4] For a discussion of justice in a recent, global context, see: Chris Armstrong, Global Distributive Justice: An Introduction (Cambridge University Press, 2012). [5] Robert Folger, Blair H. Sheppard, and Robert T. Buttram, Equity, Equality, and Need: Three Faces of Social Justice, in Conflict, Cooperation, and Justice , ed.

Barbara B. Bunker and Jeffrey Z. Rubin, (San Francisco: Jossey-Bass Inc. Publishers, 1995), 262. Student Room Statement? [6] Folger, Sheppard, and buy essay between underlying assets and derivatives market Buttram, 272. [7] Folger, Sheppard, and Buttram, 272. [8] Folger, Sheppard, and Buttram, 273. [9] Tyler and Belliveau, 297. [10] Kerby, The Top 10 Most Startling Facts About People of Color and Criminal Justice in the United States: A Look at the Racial Disparities Inherent in Our Nation’s Criminal-Justice System. Center for American Progress. Published March 13, 2012. Accessed June 4, 2013 at [11] Morton Deutsch, Justice and Conflict, in The Handbook of Conflict Resolution: Theory and Practice , ed. Morton Deutsch and Peter Coleman (San Francisco: Jossey-Bass Publishers, Inc., 2000), 54.

More recent edition (2011) available here. Use the following to student economics personal statement cite this article: Maiese, Michelle. Principles of help do my Justice and Fairness. Personal? Beyond Intractability . Eds. Guy Burgess and essay Heidi Burgess. Conflict Information Consortium, University of Colorado, Boulder. Posted: July 2003 Room Economics Statement? Please contact us if you encounter problems using the new site. You can also still use the old homepage.if you prefer.

The Intractable Conflict Challenge. Our inability to constructively handle intractable conflict is buy essay online linkage assets, making social problem solving impossible. Find out about the room cambridge economics statement, problem and how Beyond Intractability can help you help address it. An extensive collection of resources covering the essay, destructive dynamics of intractable conflict, strategies for limiting those dynamics, and techniques for more wisely and equitably resolving disputes. Concrete and realistic steps we LL can take to promote more constructive conflict processes and outcomes. This seminar takes a complexity-oriented approach to examining frontier-of-the-field issues related to difficult and intractable conflicts Visit, follow, or join the Conflict Frontiers Seminar (MOOS) to explore and discuss strategies for more constructively addressing these conflicts. Beyond Intractability in Context Blog.

Placing conflict and peacebuilding in the larger context of wise and equitable social problem-solving, this blog reports on news, opinion pieces, and reports that illustrate the challenges and successful responses to complex, intractable conflicts. Opportunities for becoming involved in a large-scale learning community working to promote more constructive approaches to conflict. Economics Personal? Tell us what YOU are doing that relates to these efforts! Disclaimer: All opinions expressed are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect those of free essay to school Beyond Intractability, the Conflict Information Consortium, or the cambridge economics personal statement, University of Colorado. Free Essay Back? Beyond Intractability Essay. Copyright © 2003-2017 The Beyond Intractability Project, The Conflict Information Consortium, University of Colorado; All rights reserved. Content may not be reproduced without prior written permission. Current Implications Sections. All rights reserved. Content may not be reproduced without prior written permission. Citing Beyond Intractability resources.

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Student room cambridge economics personal statement

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Osceola and the Second Seminole War Essay Sample. What was the role and guerrilla warfare tactics that were applied by student room economics statement, Osceola during the second Seminole war? During his time many Native Americans had several names and Osceola was no exception. This name was the distorted version of his Indian name by the whites. His original name was Asiyahola. This man was born in United States of Dissertation, America in student economics statement, 1803 and passed on in January 1838. He was a Creek warrior during his time and emerged the winner during the Seminole war II.

His character came to Dissertation on training and development, be widely known during the 2 nd Seminole war. My main focus on this paper will be to discuss the role Osceola played and the guerrilla warfare tactics that he used in order to cambridge economics statement, win this fight. The Seminole wars both first and the second and need help what is music?, the third were often referred to as the student cambridge economics, Florida wars. These were as a result of the conflicts that occurred in Florida in the 19 th century between different American native groups which were referred by one name as Seminoles. Essay Sexuality! The first war started from 1817 and ended in 1818 while the second war lasted from 1835 up to student room cambridge personal, 1858. The third war erupted from 1855 to 1858.

Osceola’s took part in the second Seminole conflict which was known as the Seminole war. This war had its origin in the treaty of Payne’s landing of 1832 that was signed by the Seminole chiefs. Need Help Do My Essay Is Music?! This took place in Florida where these chiefs agreed to be resettled in other territories. There arose a disagreement between these chiefs after some Seminole chiefs declined to stick by the terms of the treaty. They insisted on staying in Florida something that provoked a sharp reaction to room cambridge personal statement, the whites. They embarked on a campaign of levelling and write my paper wanting rukhsana khan, directing their harassment to these adamant chiefs.

They pointed out that the U.S government had a role of making sure that the room personal statement, treaty was not violated. These chiefs who refused to be resettled in the West of Mississippi River were led by Osceola who was an Indian Chief at that time. This was in 1832 after the whites started relocating the Native Americans. It did not take long before the Dissertation and development, second Seminole war erupted in 1935. Osceola came to be recognised widely because of his masterly in applying guerrilla tactics. He came to be respected by the army officers who were sent to capture him but they could not manage to capture and conquer him due to his ability to employ deceptive tactic. Economics Statement! He was from Alabama and was an help essay irish culture in america, original upper Creek. He refused to have any connection with white blood. He kept saying that there was no foreign blood that was running in his system. (Mark C.C., 1996; 45)

In 1813-1814 the Creek war broke out. It was a civil war fought between the whites and the Red Sticks but U.S joined on the side of the White sticks against the Red Sticks who objected to room cambridge personal, the idea of the whites grabbing the Creeks land and polarising their culture. When the war reached Osceola’s village they went into hiding but in 1814 the war was brought to a grinding halt by buy essay and derivatives, the General Jackson who slaughtered Indians in student cambridge statement, thousands. Osceola and his mother who feared for get someone write my paper mor, khan their safety migrated to Florida which was under Spanish authority. The area was swampy but it became a home to the Seminoles. This movement was spearheaded by Peter McQueen who was Osceola’s great uncle and tribal leader of the creeks. Soon after they settled in their new territory the 1 st Seminole war erupted due to aggression by the whites on the Georgia-Florida border in 1819. This prompted Neamathla who was the Seminole chief to resist any intrusion by the whites. In reaction to this, the cambridge economics statement, United States army set on fire the village of Neamathla.

It is these disturbances that distorted the Osceola’s perception towards the Creeks. He came to buy essay online assets and derivatives, hate them as well as their counterparts, the whites. After the war was over; they went to join McQueen who by student, then stayed at Tampa Bay. Osceola who was in need help do my essay what, his teen age loved hunting, athletics and also practised warriorship skills. During the Green Dance that was held once in a year that Osceola acquired his other name Asi Yaloto’ or simply the student room cambridge personal, Black Drink Singer, his role during these ceremonies was to buy essay between underlying assets and derivatives, serve the black drink. Economics Statement! (Kenneth C.D., 2003; 56-78) In 1819 the Spanish government sold Florida the United States of America which immediately started thinking to help do my irish culture in america, concentrate all the Seminoles who were in Florida in one area. The Seminoles were not pleased to hear that they would be resettled in another area. They remained undecided on what to do such that they even refused to plant crops for they never knew when they would be forced to migrate. Finally this came to be after Moultrie’s Creek treaty was signed in 1823 and cambridge economics statement, was supposed to remain in force for the next 20 years. In this treaty it was agreed that the Seminoles would be moved from their territory to the south, an area was not favourable to them in any way.

It had no grazing fields, they could not find anywhere to fish and there trade with Cuba was disrupted. This time Osceola who was 19 years old was present during the free back to school, signing of the treaty as warriors were allowed to join. After the treaty he assisted the surveyors who were marking the reservations boundary. He came to be known by room personal statement, the Whites and other Seminoles. Finding it hard to survive in the new land, Seminoles led by Osceola returned back to the swampy region that was very productive in 1825.

Later he met Che-Cho-ter whom he married. In 1832 he led the Seminoles in resisting the whites and get someone write wanting rukhsana khan, this earned him the titled of the war chief (Tustenuggee). As it was the tradition of the Seminoles, anybody could become a leader if he managed to attract a big following because of student room, his particular character traits such as being a warrior or extra ordinary hunting skills. It is in this respect that Osceola came to be the war chief. (Kenneth, 1973; 29) It is during their time that Payne landing treaty was signed. This was a declaration that the Seminoles would be relocated to Arkansas so as they would be united with other creeks. Those creeks that had fled Florida the likes of Osceola had no intention of uniting with other creeks that fought them during the Creek war and were determined to oppose this decision (Weigly R.F., 1967; 245).

A year later, another treaty was passed to essay on going to school, enforce that of student room personal, 1932 though it had not yet expired. This was referred to as the treaty of Fort Gibson. When Seminoles made up their minds to resist the planned migration, Osceola as their war chief became very instrumental in laying the war strategies and in on training, taking care as well as arranging for ammunition stores. He was a brave ruler who was even prepared to put his life along the line especially when he drew his hunting knife and tore the document that was supposed to be signed between him and Thompson. Osceola organised his people properly in dealing with the statement, formidable U.S army by making his warriors disciplined as he was well aware that that was the only way they could resist the whites. The resistance went on sexuality and teens passively for sometime.

His warriors conducted raids on the lands of the whites until a battle between U.S army and his warriors broke out room after his men descended on essay sexuality and teens a train that was used by the government in transporting supplies to other areas. The government sought to punish him but this proved itself to be too difficult as he became so elusive by student cambridge personal, playing hide and seek game in the swamps of Florida. Though he was not the duly elected Indian chief, he was able to can someone, command his warriors who were about 4,000. His men terrorised the U.S army which comprised of more than forty thousand for student economics personal statement over ten years since the war broke out. Osceola and his men attacked Thompson at Fort King, in fighting the Americans; Osceola used the principle of hit and run. He decided to take this course after he realised that the whites forced his delegates into signing such agreements. That is when declined to sign a treaty in 1835 and need help do my what, instead drew a sword form his pocket and pierced the paper claiming that to him it was the only way of signing that treaty. In fact, the student room cambridge economics, whites were sing force to make them sign those documents but Osceola showed them that he was not the type to be commanded by Colonel Clinch. (Dockstader F.J., 1977; 198-201) After Osceola refused to sign the proposal in front of these powerful characters, he became a hero to need help do my irish, most of the Seminoles. These chiefs were threatened by Jackson that they would be stripped off their powers should they fail to personal statement, sign the document.

Thinking that this would make them cooperate with him, this backfired and produced a different reaction to the Seminoles. Do My Essay! It became their motivating force to room, stand and Dissertation on training and development, fought for room cambridge personal statement their rights. The relationship that was somehow enjoyed by the Seminoles and the whites in the past turned sour though Jackson was determined to have them moved elsewhere despite the do my culture in america, fact that they strongly resisted. Jackson organised his military ready to start the student cambridge economics, operation. They surrounded these villages and forced the get someone my paper wanting, Seminoles to get sell their properties and livestock to room statement, the government personnel’s. Tampa Bay was used in transporting the first 400 Seminoles how halfway adhered to the 1935 Gibson treaty. Neither Osceola nor Jackson was ready to change his mind and both pursued different goals that were of interest to them. Osceola made sure that all the Seminole chiefs had enough stock of fighting weapons such as hampering the governments plan of migrating the Indians he planned how chief Emathla would be killed this was one of the rebel chiefs who agreed to sign the Gibson’s treaty thus betraying the rest of Seminoles.

He urged Indians not to agree selling their livestock as well as other properties to can someone sexuality and teens, the agents of the government. The killing of Emathla reflected to the government how well Osceola and his men were organised and determined to student economics, resist any move designed to irish culture in america, suppress them. Student Cambridge! He removed his people from free essay on going back to school, areas that were not safe those that were safe and impregnable such as the swampy regions. This worried the settlers who had already grabbed some land from the area. They fled from their land and converged on some forts that had been constructed by the government. The government led by Jackson descended on Indians whom they concentrated on certain designated camps as they awaited to be ferried to Arizona and to the west of Mississippi River. Those Seminoles who managed to escape definitely joined the economics personal statement, Osceola camp. The royalty that these Indians shown to their leader made Thompson to Dissertation on training, be worried. He wrote a letter to the U.S government urging them to room cambridge, reconsider its decision but his plea was turned down. This shown hour determined the government was in moving the Indians to on training and development, another area.

In preventing further development of hostilities in Florida, the war department appointed General Clinch to be the cambridge personal, commander in chief of need do my irish culture, all military operations in Florida. Student Economics! His military men who amount to about five hundred were not enough to keep the angry Indians in check who were more than thousand warriors. Cheap Between Underlying Assets! Clinch strategically positioned his army barracks in student personal, some designated areas that were in dire need of security. Dissertation On Training! Osceola was very sharp at learning the weaknesses of the government. He noted that the government had concentrated its army at the Western Peninsula and thus decided to conduct his raid on the Eastern side near the St. John’s River. (Wickman P.R., 1996; 98) In a company of room statement, two fifty warriors, Osceola attacked white farms and destroyed the properties that were there mercilessly. This prompted the government to cheap linkage, recruit more officers however they could not subdue the Indian forces. Osceola led his warriors in raiding the whites’ sugar plantations something that propelled all the whites to flee the area in search of a safer place. They vacated the whole of North and Central Florida.

Osceola and student economics statement, his army came out of their hideouts when they were least expected to attack. Do My Essay Sexuality And Teens! He led his warriors in student cambridge economics, attacking the forts and that had been constructed somewhere between military road. He was very sure that his Spanish weapons were far much better than the muskets that were used by the US army. Osceola stage managed the offensive attacks to kill Thompson who was based at need help Fort King. Student Room Economics! While waiting to to school, attack the fort, the warriors first surveyed the room cambridge economics statement, area long before they could launch their attacks. (Viele J., 1996; 98) They reached to Dissertation and development, the scene long before and each took his position. In this attack, Thompson and Lieutenant Smith who were having a short walk after taking their supper were killed by Indians. Osceola also organised how the two infantry companies that belonged to major Dade would be attacked. He was a person who took his time before he could make a move. He only student economics personal, did so when he was sure that he was safe.

He took many days planning how he would attack these companies. During this time he assessed the security of the companies using some spies. He never allowed his men to be disunited; he always made sure that they fought in groups. He positioned his army to bar all the possible escape routes. Essay On Going To School! After they surrounded the region, they attacked the fort from three sides. Dade and a significant number of his forces perished in that unexpected attack.

This is one of the guerrilla warfare tactics that Osceola was using. In guerrilla warfare you should monitor the moves of your opponent and descend on him when you are least expected. You should only engage yourself in offensive attacks only when your opponent is exhausted. During this incidence, the army retaliated by directing their guns at room economics personal statement the Seminoles who were hiding. After their ammunitions ran out, the Indians came out of their hiding places and killed many of these soldiers. Dissertation! His warriors never engaged themselves in a direct confrontation or a face to face encounter. They made sure that they kept their plans as dark as night.

They carried out room economics personal quick raids and then escaped before the army could retaliate. Osceola was favoured by online cheap linkage between underlying, his terrain which he was very familiar of. He knew where he could hide in student room personal, case they were attacked. The government did all that it could to make sure that all the Indians were removed from the swamps where they used to hide. Need Essay Irish! General Clinch strongly believed that he could flush these Seminoles out with his strong forces that were heavily equipped. He believed that if he combined all his six infantry companies that were under his jurisdiction he would launch an student statement, offensive attack against the Indians. Need Help Essay Culture! He had also recruited about 500 militia men though they lacked the necessary training and student room economics, more so they were undisciplined unlike those of Osceola’s. Using his well equipped army Clinch would severally close the Withlaccochee River at on training and development give the Indians surprise attacks but his army many a times made him fail to achieve his objectives. His men were not disciplined and kept on breaching the rules for example in December 1835 his army left the Fort Drane at student cambridge statement night so that they could attack the Seminole warriors at dawn. During the night they were supposed to observe silence and not to start camp fires but one disgruntled soldier went ahead and blew his instrument. This alerted the Seminoles that the army were on their way to attack them who quickly organised themselves and patiently waited for them. Free Essay On Going Back To School! (Weisman, B.R., 1999; 85)

The U.S army had to close a swollen river using a canoe so as to reach the other side. After crossing they hid themselves in hammock thickets that could hardly cover them properly. In fact the area was an open ground. This worked to the advantage of the Indians who from room economics personal, nowhere attacked this army wiping out not less than a third of it then they ran away when Colonel Alexander launched three quick counteractive attacks. After a period of three days both sides had incurred heavy life losses but on the clinch’s side it was terribly bad. No matter how the U.S government wanted to write my paper wanting khan, get rid of the Indians from Florida they could not successfully do so because Osceola’s army seemed to be impregnable. Room Cambridge Economics! It even made Clinch to give up driving out Seminoles out of the free on going, region. He sent all those who had volunteered and survived back home. Student! According to Osceola, this meant that the government was unable to deal with him and can someone essay, thus be was solely responsible for the region.

He continued launching his attacks to specific forts which were full of student cambridge economics personal statement, whites who were escaping from the wrath of Osceola. His warriors destroyed these plantations as well their plantations. Osceola’s victory was not in vain in fact, he had clearly observed all the get someone write my paper wanting rukhsana khan, moves of his enemies. He last knew how strong they were, their weaknesses and that is room economics what he capitalised on. Another thing is that their leader was very familiar with the terrain of his region unlike the whites who were new to the region. Clinch’s army was undisciplined thus lacking the code of ethics this somehow worked against their wishes in that when they were told to on training and development, be quiet throughout the night, they went ahead and made noise.

This alerted their enemies who patiently waited for them. These armies also were not familiar with the Florida terrain especially they did not know what kind of an environment they would find after crossing the swollen river. (Misall J. and room cambridge statement, Mary L.M., 125-134) After they crossed they found an open ground with nowhere to hide themselves. This made the warriors to attack them without straining a lot. Dissertation! Their general had not taken time to learn about the geography, the terrain and the climate of the region. That is room cambridge why he risked crossing the help do my culture in america, swollen river using a canoe knowing very well that if they were attacked they would not be able to cross the river quickly. Also clinch’s moves were uncalculated and untimely. Why did he choose to room personal, conduct his attack during the torrential rains? He could have waited for the rains to subside.

Osceola was able to keep his army united and do my, he knew when it was safe to student room cambridge economics personal statement, conduct his raid. He was able to divide the attention of his opponents. For example the raid he organised at the vicinity of St. Augustine made some army men to be dispatched to the area leaving a small number of them in the targeted fort. Need Do My Essay What Is Music?! He also knew how to plan for the raids to happen simultaneously.

Osceola was also well aware that befriending his enemies so that he could use them as his spies was of great importance in guerrilla tactics. It is only by use of these spies that you can know what kind of a force that you are dealing with. Student Cambridge Economics! For this reason, he was able to convince the blacks to write my paper mor, rukhsana khan, help him fight the U.S military. This is why Pacheco a black man was used in giving the details and the time picture of Fort King. (Covington J.W., 1993; 102) Osceola was arrested on 21 st October 1837 after he was tricked by General Jesup to room personal statement, go for a peace council under false impression that he would not be arrested. Do My And Teens! He was jailed in a fort at St. Student Personal! Augustine where he succumbed to fever and malaria in 30 th January 1838. To conclude, this essay has clearly revealed that Osceola through young achieved many things that many at this age could not have achieved. Through not a chosen tribal leader, he was able to become a ruler because of his outstanding skills in hunting and because of his brevity. He volunteered himself to protect his community from the external aggression that was directed to his people.

He sacrificed himself to fight the Americans whom he knew very well were more than his warriors. Mark C.C. U.S. History. New York : Macmillan library. 1996; 45. Kenneth C.D. Don’t Know Much About History . New York: Harper – Collins Publishers.

2003; 56-78. Alderman C.L. Osceola and the Seminole Wars . Help Do My In America! New York, Julian Messner. 1973; 29. Dockstader F.J. Great North Indians . Cambridge Personal! New York. Van Nostrand Reinhold, 1977; 199-200. Weigly R.F. History of the United States Army . Bloomington.

1967: 245. Wickman P.R. Osceola’s Legacy . University of Alabama Press. 1991; 36. Viele J. The Florida Keys: A history of the pioneers . Sarasota, Florida Pineapple Press Inc. 1996; 98. Weisman, B.R. Unconquered People . Gainesville. Florida University Press. Need Help What Is Music?! 1999; 85. Misall J and personal statement, Mary L.M.

The Seminole wars: America’s longest Indian Conflict . Need Help In America! University Press of Florida. 2004; 125-135. Covington J.W. The Seminoles of Florida. Gainesville Florida: University Press of room cambridge personal statement, Florida. 1993; 102.

Is this the perfect essay for you? Save time and order Osceola and the Second Seminole War. essay editing for only $13.9 per page. Top grades and quality guaranteed! Relevant essay suggestions for Osceola and the Second Seminole War. In Georgia when gold was discovered, the Cherokee were forcibly removed from their land. Need Do My Essay What Is Music?! The Cherokee sued in the Supreme Court for the right to remain on their land, and… Causes of Conflict Between Native and European Americans. Disrespect was a major cultural difference.

From the student cambridge economics, beginning of the relationship between Native and and development, European Americans, the student room cambridge economics, European Americans(Europeans) repeatedly dishonored the treaties which they agreed to uphold. Get Someone My Paper Wanting Rukhsana Khan! Usually,… A people’s history of the United States – “As Long as Grass Grows and Water Runs” “As Long as Grass Grows and student cambridge economics statement, Water Runs” is an article written by cheap underlying assets and derivatives market, Howard Zinn. I found the article from “A People’s History of the United States”. Howard Zinn claims… Little Big Horn Bat.

The US army lost the room cambridge statement, Battle of the Little Big Horn because of the mistake made by General George Custer The battle of little big horn took place on can someone essay 25th… Dances with Wolves. Dances With Wolves is a fantastic movie! It depicts the student room personal, American Indians as a loving race, has three very unique Lakota Tribe leaders, shows the life in the Great Plains… Upper Canada – Pontiac. Pontiac the Ottawa chief was an ally of the French and when French forces were defeated by the British, he plotted, planned and fought to keep the English from overrunning…

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Mountain Equipment Co-Op Essay Sample. The Societal Marketing concept is the orientation best exemplified by Mountain Equipment Co-Op (MEC). Student Room Cambridge Economics Personal Statement? This is evident in the following ways: The company’s mission statement clearly outlines that passion is what drives their company, even over profit. The passion to continue to look for ways to protect our wild spaces and reduce the ecological footprint of their business. Write My Paper Wanting Mor, Khan? MEC separates itself from other outdoor retailers through its eco-friendly product line and superior focus on corporate social responsibility. They urge society to count on them to act with integrity and due diligence. Although MEC’s goal is to make quality products for the outdoors, they will only do so by respecting the people who do the manufacturing of these products/items. They do this by ensuring there are safer working conditions, legal working hours, and cambridge economics statement, reasonable pay for work done. Secondly, the way in which Mountain Equipment Co-op operates its business and shows dedication not only to providing costumers with their needs but also focusing on a long standing environmental and economic sustainability. MEC is noted for their ethical sourcing, labouring commitments and co-operative structure.

The co-op, designs and produces the majority of it’s gear while also carrying products by many other well-known companies. Online Between Assets? MEC strives for social and environmental leadership, In 2008 an impressive 92% of the room cambridge economics annual waste generated by MEC was either: recycled, composted or donated. That certainly goes a long way in strengthening societies long-term interests. Lastly, while Mountain Equipment Co-op bills itself as Canada’s largest supplier of outdoor equipment, its long-term challenge is to remain relevant to a quickly changing demographic that prefers urban outdoor experiences. In light of this, MEC has expanded its assortment to need help do my essay irish culture, now include such urban outdoor pursuits (road running, biking and yoga).

By adding these recently popular activities MEC feels they can really gain a tight strangle hold of the total market share. MEC has over 3.3 million members in Canada and economics, internationally, operating in fifteen cities across Canada and cheap underlying and derivatives market, continues to grow each year at a slow methodical pace. Fulfilling the mission statement of “getting people outdoors” as eco-friendly as possible is room cambridge economics statement something MEC continually strives for. Mountain Equipment Co-op employes many tactics to solidify customer loyalty, here are three examples: Every year, every member of Mountain Equipment Co-op has the opportunity to vote in the elections for it’s board of directors. Online Assets And Derivatives? The board is governed by nine-members, where each year three directors are elected to student economics, a three year term. Before the election period, an write wanting mor,, information package is distributed on a mass basis to student economics statement, all the MEC members before casting their votes. The election results are announced at the “annual general meeting” held in Vancouver, British Columba. At this meeting, the Chief Executive Officer discloses their annual reports and answers questions from free back to school co-op members. To keep business you need to keep customers happy, to keep customers happy you need to cambridge statement, cater to them, having them involved in the “annual general meeting” does just that. Building a team/organization are both great ways of getting people involved, MEC clearly values what their customers think. In the end without the customers you have nothing, this is do my essay a great tactic to solidify a true business relationship.

Secondly, Mountain Equipment Co-op sells outdoor recreation gear and clothing to it’s members exclusively. As a co-op, MEC sells only to customers who hold a lifetime membership, which is technically a share and can be purchased by anyone for five dollars. Members can shop at any of the retail stores, online or by economics mail order from their catalogue. MEC also operates a corporate and group sales store which targets larger orders at discounted prices. Yet again just another superior loyalty tactic to can someone do my essay, keep their customers interest vested.

The monetary fee is just clever business practice, the real idea behind this is to let the “potential market” know that MEC truly values your business and would like you to become apart of economics statement our business structure going forward. Lastly, Mountain Equipment Co-op has undertaken many business initiatives to solidify customer loyalty from top to bottom of the organization. Do My Sexuality? Back in 1997, they introduced a free of charge online gear swap where members could recycle used outdoor gear. In 2007, MEC opened the student room statement first accredited “Green” LEED(The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) distribution center in Surrey, British Columba. Essay? LEED encourages and accelerates global adoption of sustainable green building and development practices. In 2008, MEC developed and launched a series of annual national paddling and biking expositions. Its been clearly defined that MEC takes a very “Green” approach when it comes to business, this is something that directly plays into that target market. A self-propelled wilderness-oriented recreation goer would certainly buy into such strong values and room cambridge economics statement, ultimately stick by that company. One of Mountain Equipment Co-op’s key main marketing strategies is one of do my sexuality product leadership through supporting price, promotion and student cambridge economics, distribution strategies. This allows them to gain loyalty from their customer’s year after year.

MEC is a retail co-operative owned by those who shop at their stores. They focus on creating value for their customers and not solely on making profit for Dissertation on training and development, their shareholders. As a co-operative, shopping at any of the MEC’s retail stores requires a membership for room, a small fee of five dollars. Anyone is able to on training and development, join for life by paying the one time only membership fee which entitles the user too a multitude of benefits. First off, loyalty is gained from promising fair prices on all of their merchandise. MEC states they do not have sales or limited time offers, all of their products are priced fairly. Room Economics Personal? Manufacturing their own brands, MEC’s prices and margins are much lower than traditional retailers in their sector.

Where others might spend four to six percent of sales on promotion, MEC spends much less, instead choosing to focus their efforts on need essay personal selling and communication with their members through their annual catalogues and web site. MEC’s pricing policy also enables customers to price match if the same product is found at another Canadian-based retailer at a lower price, MEC will match the price up to 30 days after purchase. Room Personal? Not only does MEC provide fair pricing to all of it’s members, customers can be assured the MEC products they purchase are being manufactured ethically, and in factories “that aspire to do my essay, fair labour practices”. Through MEC’s “Ethical Sourcing Program”, they strive to improve the student cambridge personal human condition in factories choosing only those that do not participate in abuse of overtime, unlawful pay and unsafe working conditions. Since this is quite a common issue in today’s manufacturing world, primarily overseas, many customers can feel good about their purchases and remain loyal to write wanting mor, rukhsana khan, the MEC brand name. Another segmentation variable MEC focuses on is that of benefits sought by it’s customers. Cambridge Personal? All of MEC’s customers rely on their equipment to perform and outlast in even the harshest of climates. MEC’s aim is to “provide quality gear and excellent value” for their customers and wanting mor,, accomplishes this through their product design and student economics, testing.

This ensures all of their products will function up to and exceed the customers’ expectations. MEC’s product design charter includes their principles of design and product integrity through quality, function, value, social responsibility and reducing their environmental footprint. MEC has their very own testing labs which helps asses the best available materials for their product designs. Choosing the right material not only improves the function of MEC gear, it helps them produce environmentally sustainable products which the customer also benefits from. After a product is designed, it is then field tested to help MEC refine the product and test the Dissertation and development different fabrics and materials in the real world. Multimedia such as videos are also made of these tests by real life users and posted on MEC’s website for other customers to see. Overall, MEC’s approach is one that allows it’s customers to take comfort in student cambridge personal statement knowing their purchases will hold up to its ”rock solid” guarantee which states the customer has a right to underlying assets and derivatives, return anything that fails to room personal statement, meet their expectations and will receive a no-hassle refund, exchange, credit, or repair.

Mountain Equipment Co-op does not focus solely on one specific type of online cheap linkage between outdoor adventurer but instead markets too many different active lifestyles and ages. From hard core adventurers, to casual campers, MEC markets to all different active lifestyles through a variety of different methods. On their website, MEC has a very large community which is cambridge statement built up of their over 3 million members which participate and essay on going back to school, organize many community events across Canada. They provide a venue where customers can post and room cambridge personal statement, signup for online cheap between underlying assets and derivatives, a variety of events from MEC Paddlefest, an annual celebration of room cambridge economics canoeing and kayaking aim as a family event to more adventurous meetings aim to those 10-14 year old and specifically adults. No one age demographic is left out of can someone do my essay MEC’s marketing strategy. Personal? This is also reflected in write wanting mor, khan MEC’s line of cambridge personal products which includes kids clothes and what is music?, gear right up to adult merchandise. Student Economics Personal? MEC also provides a unique service for their customers who may no longer require their MEC products. Whether they have no more time to use a specific piece of gear or if they simply need an upgrade, MEC’s website offers an inline gear swap. Not only does this help their customers find a use for their old and unwanted gear but also encourages people to recycle.

This service is free of charge and just another of the many benefits of can someone do my sexuality having a Mountain Equipment Co-op membership. Successful in China: China is the fourth largest country on earth and student cambridge economics statement, has one of the richest natural lands in the world. From mountains, including the peak of need help essay is music? Mount Everest, to plateaus, and huge basins like the Yangtze river in the West, to the desserts of the Northwest, China’s vast landscape is perfect for student cambridge personal, any adventurer. Unfortunately it also has it’s share of environmental problems. Much of it’s environment and wildlife has already been affected by on going back it’s vastly growing population as well as it’s continual increase in industrial growth. MEC’s environmental policies and procedures would be a welcome change in China and perhaps act as a leader to other companies. MEC “strives for environmental leadership while providing quality products and services.” Their day-to-day operations, from the room personal stores they build, to the resources they purchase, all exemplify how committed MEC is to ensuring a green planet. Need Help Do My What Is Music?? MEC has been building greener and more environmentally sufficient stores for student cambridge economics personal, over a decade. Both their Ottawa and Winnipeg stores were the first in Canada to comply with Canada’s C2000 Green Building Standard – a Natural Resources Canada program that acknowledges buildings that achieve a 50% reduction in help irish culture energy consumption over conventional structures.

By applying the same strategic building designs in student cambridge China, one might assume it would gain positive publicity from both government intuitions and from the general public, making it a leader in building greener establishments. China’s population is over 1.3 billion, the largest of any country in the world. It does have a relatively small youth division which is partially a result of the one-child policy. This in turn has produced a generation of “little emperors and buy essay online linkage assets, empresses” who are treated as such by their parents and room cambridge, grandparents. This in turn creates an opportunity for business to need essay, market to this demographic knowing they have the means to student room cambridge personal statement, buy their preferred merchandise. Since it is MEC’s policy to provide quality merchandise at reasonable prices, it is help do my essay what believed a franchise such as theirs would be successful in China. Student Room Cambridge Economics? Many of their products are sources from China, further strengthening their brand and image in the eyes of their consumer. By offering, “a Canadian” line of outdoor clothes and accessories, many Chinese consumers will be interested based on the reputation they perceive it has. Another macro-environmental force to get someone write my paper mor, rukhsana khan, be considered is the cultural environment of China itself. Traditionally outdoor sports and adventuring has not always been popular and for many Chinese people, running marathons or biking across extremely difficult terrain has been recreational sports only foreigners took part in. Today more and more Chinese are competing in such adventure sporting events and the number of participants has been growing rapidly in student cambridge personal recent years.

This can be attributed to the leisure-loving middle class as it continues to expand. Already many companies are trying to get someone write my paper wanting rukhsana khan, gain a larger share of this market while others see this new trend as a way to promote their products. In the city of Guangzhou, Columbia Sportswear Company runs infomercials on small LCD screens in the back of cambridge economics statement taxi cabs promoting outdoor activities in their apparel such as hiking. Trek Bicycle Corp, is get someone write wanting rukhsana khan another American company focusing on China’s growing number of participants who are taking interest in student biking. Write Wanting Mor, Rukhsana? Overall, this cultural change in China is providing an opportune time for companies such as Mountain Equipment Co-op to expand it’s retail and website stores in this part of the market. The value proposition that best fits Mountain Equipment Co-op would have to student economics statement, be “More for on training, More”. Now you can ask yourself, What is a reasonable price? This is the student room cambridge economics personal ultimate question every person should ask themselves before they go ahead and make a purchase. Conducting this evaluation is really the difference between selecting product A or B assuming all else is equal (in the eyes and mind of the consumer). In MEC’s mission statement you can find the following quote “at the lowest reasonable price”, the question is what do most people value? MEC offers an can someone do my essay sexuality and teens, array of products that are wisely marketed to target a specific niche that enjoys hiking and mountaineering for example.

These quality products are provided to these niche markets in a informative and respectful manner. Due to student economics personal statement, the fact that the majority of the sports and apparel MEC caters to are indeed “unique” this allows them to charge a pretty penny for their merchandise. Another reason why MEC is. believed to portray the “More for help do my essay is music?, More” value proposition is by student cambridge economics personal the five dollar lifetime membership fee. In general the can someone do my and teens items for sale whether it be (sleeping bags, sunglasses, shoes etc…) can all be found in your local department store. However, all of the room cambridge economics items available are so specific to it’s target market that people need to go to places like Mountain Equipment Co-op to find exactly what it is they need for the unique sport. Buy Essay Online Cheap Linkage Between Underlying Assets And Derivatives? This is what ultimately allows MEC to get away with the five dollar membership fee, that market is student cambridge economics personal statement willing to pay this minor fee in order to acquire that special or higher quality product they desire. This is what has made MEC so popular, it’s ability to cater to that growing demographic that enjoys wilderness-oriented recreation. Buy Essay Cheap Between Underlying? Another supporting argument would be MEC’s awareness and understanding of environmental initiatives.

Considering the environment first and student cambridge personal, foremost with how you run your business is obviously very costly. MEC prides themselves on being so environmentally friendly that it plays a huge roll in their ability to Dissertation on training, charge a higher price for products. MEC donates 1% of it’s gross revenue each year to personal, environmental causes, back in 2007 that equated to “an estimated $2 million”. That is absolutely astonishing that MEC has that ability to do my essay sexuality, donate that sum of money yearly! This is obviously something MEC’s customers highly value which keeps customers coming back which in-turn continues to student room cambridge, allow MEC to price their merchandise accordingly. Is this the perfect essay for you? Save time and order Mountain Equipment Co-Op. essay editing for only $13.9 per page. Top grades and write my paper wanting mor, khan, quality guaranteed! Relevant essay suggestions for Mountain Equipment Co-Op. 1. Industry “The beer industry in the United States generates $75 Billion in annual sales.” (Abelli, 4) Light beer sales have increased at a compound annual rate of 4% over…

Case 3-5 Digital Equipment Corporation. Digital Semiconductor was a business unit of Digital Equipment Corporation. John Gavin, the room cambridge personal DS group controller, wanted the finance department to find ways to add value and better support the… Green Mountain Coffee Roasters. Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Inc. Green Mountain Coffee Roasters currently has a revenue growth rate of 35.5% over the last 5 years. This company is growing right along side the… Mountain Dew Advertisement Controversy – Findings and Recommendations. Upon PepsiCo’s recent release of its new Mountain Dew advertising campaign in March 2013, the company and brand alike are facing significant backlash. The advertisements feature African-American rapper, Tyler the… Rocky Mountain Advanced Genome.

Rocky Mountain Advanced Genome (RMAG) is headquartered in Dissertation on training Colorado Springs, Colorado and has recently been founded by seven research scientists who have taken a leave of absence from major universities… Buck’s Hunting Equipment Inc. Buck’s Hunting Equipment Inc. (“Buck”) is a retailer of hunting equipment, hunting apparel, and outdoor accessories. Cambridge Economics? Buck’s operations are based in need help do my essay irish in america Pittsburgh, PA, with retail stores located in the nearby…

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10 Years of Advanced Placement Exam Data Show Significant Gains in Access and Success; Areas for Improvement. This document will open in student economics personal a new window. If you are using assistive technology and need help accessing this document in another format, please contact us via this email address: College Board encourages access for students who have potential to succeed in AP. NEW YORK — Research shows that students who succeed in free essay back rigorous course work such as Advanced Placement are developing college-level knowledge and skills while still in room cambridge economics personal high school. These students are more likely than their peers to earn college degrees on time, providing an opportunity to save significant amounts of free essay back to school, money. The College Board's 10th Annual AP Report to the Nation, released today, shows that state leaders and educators are making significant progress in expanding both access to student cambridge personal, and success in write wanting mor, rukhsana AP. Over the student cambridge statement past decade, the number of students who graduate from high school having taken rigorous AP courses has nearly doubled, and the number of low-income students taking AP has more than quadrupled. Impressively, educators' work to bring more students into Dissertation Advanced Placement courses has resulted in a larger increase in the number of qualifying AP Exam scores (the scores typically required for room cambridge college credit) than in the number of low AP scores. At the heart of the College Board's mission is a commitment to ensuring that students have access to the opportunities they have earned, said College Board President David Coleman.

While great strides have been made over the last decade to essay sexuality, expand access to AP, we remain as committed as ever to ensuring that every student with the potential to succeed in an AP course has the student room cambridge statement opportunity to take one. A Decade of Increased AP Participation and Performance. Over the Dissertation last decade, a broader, more diverse group of students has benefited from expanded access to Advanced Placement. In addition, more students than ever before are succeeding on AP Exams. Comparing the class of 2013 to the class of 2003 revealed the following: The class of 2013 achieved 1,000,135 more AP scores of 3, 4, or 5 (the scores typically accepted by colleges for credit and placement) and had an increase of economics statement, 824,368 AP scores of need help, 1 or 2. In other words, there was a greater increase from student economics 2003 to Dissertation on training, 2013 in the scores of 3 or higher than in the scores of 1 or 2. 33.2 percent of public high school graduates in the class of 2013 took an AP Exam, compared to 18.9 percent of graduates in the class of room statement, 2003. 20.1 percent of public high school graduates in the class of 2013 earned a 3 or higher on get someone write my paper an AP Exam, compared to 12.2 percent of graduates in the class of 2003. Low-income graduates accounted for 27.5 percent of those who took at least one AP Exam in the class of 2013, compared to 11.4 percent in the class of 2003. A total of 275,864 low-income graduates in cambridge economics statement the class of 2013 took at need essay, least one AP Exam during high school, which is more than four times the number of low-income graduates who took an AP Exam in the class of 2003. Since 2003, there has been a 7.9 point increase in the percentage of U.S. public high school graduates scoring a 3 or higher on an AP Exam, with 17 states exceeding the national average for cambridge economics personal this percentage change.

Once again, Maryland led all other states in the percentage of its public high school graduates scoring a 3 or higher on an AP Exam. Need Help Do My What Is Music?? Top 10 States in Percentage of student economics personal, 2013 Public High School Graduates Succeeding on AP Exams: Though challenges remain, progress is being made to close equity gaps in AP participation and success among underrepresented minority students. Buy Essay Cheap Assets And Derivatives? Over the past year: 30 states made progress in student room cambridge black/African American representation among AP Exam takers and those scoring 3 or higher (see Figure 9a). 28 states made progress in Hispanic/Latino representation among AP Exam takers and those scoring 3 or higher (see Figure 9b). Because each AP Exam consists of questions developed by need do my essay, top-tier college professors, AP teachers use such questions to inspire students to work hard in developing the skills fundamental to college majors and careers - the ability to explain key concepts clearly and precisely, to solve real-world problems, and to cambridge economics personal statement, use evidence from primary source documents to build an argument, said Trevor Packer, the College Board's senior vice president who leads the Advanced Placement Program. Given the very high standards college professors set for AP students, American educators deserve great credit: first for encouraging many more students to challenge themselves in high school, and free to school second for achieving a greater increase in high AP scores than low scores.

A unique collaboration between high school teachers and student cambridge economics college faculty ensures that AP courses and exams reflect rigorous college-level work. During the 2012-2013 school year: Approximately 132,500 teachers taught AP classes in need help do my essay what is music? nearly 14,000 public high schools. Working to ensure that AP courses and exams meet college-level standards, nearly 5,300 college faculty members reviewed AP teachers' course syllabi and developed and validated AP curricula. Room Economics? Approximately 11,500 AP teachers and online cheap linkage underlying market college professors scored 3.9 million AP Exams. A Continued Commitment to Responsible Expansion. Data from The 10th Annual AP Report to the Nation show that nearly 300,000 academically prepared students in student room cambridge economics personal this country either did not take a course in free on going back an available AP subject for which they had potential, or attended a school that did not offer an student room economics personal statement AP course in that subject.

AP Potential(tm) and PSAT/NMSQT Expansion: The College Board is committed to helping students gain access to need do my essay in america, AP courses for which they are academically qualified. A cornerstone of this work is utilizing PSAT/NMSQT data - to date the strongest predictor of student room cambridge economics personal statement, success in specific AP courses - to reach out, inform, and cheap linkage between assets and derivatives encourage students to seize the AP opportunities revealed by room economics personal, the data. And Development? From this exam, educators can evaluate a student's AP potential - or likelihood to be successful in a given exam. By offering more students the student room economics personal statement opportunity to take the can someone do my essay PSAT/NMSQT, educators can identify more students with AP potential and encourage them to enroll in AP course work. New data from today's Report also show that 6 in room cambridge economics personal statement 10 Asian students with a 60 percent or higher likelihood of succeeding on an AP science course took any such AP science course, compared to need do my essay irish in america, 4 in 10 white students, 4 in 10 Hispanic/Latino students, 3 in 10 black/African American and 3 in 10 American Indian/Alaska Native students.

All In Campaign : Despite significant progress, African American, Hispanic/Latino, and American Indian/Alaska Native students who show AP potential through the PSAT/NMSQT still typically enrolled in AP classes at lower rates than white and Asian students. Student Cambridge Economics Personal? In order to help academically prepared but underserved students access the AP course work for which they are ready, the College Board is wanting mor, rukhsana currently developing an All In campaign, a coordinated effort among College Board members to ensure that 100 percent of underserved students who have demonstrated the potential to student room economics personal, succeed in can someone do my essay and teens AP take at least one AP course. AP STEM Access Program : In fall 2013, the College Board implemented the AP STEM Access program in 335 public high schools across the country. Student Room Cambridge? With the support of a $5 million Google Global Impact Award to free back,, these schools started offering new AP math and science courses with the student statement goal of enabling underrepresented minority and female students who have demonstrated strong academic potential to enroll in and explore these areas of help essay, study and related careers. Over the next three years, the AP STEM Access program will give an estimated 36,000 students the opportunity to student room cambridge, study college-level STEM course work in these newly offered AP classes.

AP Districts of the Year : Each year, the College Board honors three districts with an AP District of the Year award - one for each category of district population size (small, medium, and large) - for achieving the most significant increases in AP Exam scores while simultaneously expanding access to AP for a greater diversity of students. These three winning districts have shown that by offering a broader, more diverse population of do my, students access to the rigor of AP courses, more minority and low-income students have achieved advanced learning that prepares them for college enrollment and completion. The recipients of the room statement 2013 AP District of the Year awards are: For more information on The 10th Annual AP Report to the Nation, including state-specific data, please visit here. Follow Trevor Packer on Twitter: @AP_Trevor. About the Advanced Placement Program.

The College Board's Advanced Placement Program (AP) enables willing and need help do my essay irish in america academically prepared students to pursue college-level studies - with the opportunity to earn college credit, advanced placement or both - while still in high school. Through AP courses in 34 subjects, each culminating in a rigorous exam, students learn to think critically, construct solid arguments and see many sides of an student room cambridge economics statement issue - skills that prepare them for college and beyond. Can Someone? Taking AP courses demonstrates to college admission officers that students have sought the most rigorous curriculum available to them, and research indicates that students who score a 3 or higher on statement an AP Exam typically experience greater academic success in college and are more likely to earn a college degree than non-AP students. Each AP teacher's syllabus is evaluated and approved by faculty from some of the nation's leading colleges and universities, and AP Exams are developed and scored by do my and teens, college faculty and experienced AP teachers. Most four-year colleges and universities in the United States grant credit, advanced placement or both on the basis of successful AP Exam scores - more than 3,300 institutions worldwide annually receive AP scores. In the last decade AP participation and performance rates have nearly doubled.

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Free Essays on Essay On Autobiography Of Caged Parrot. Caged Bird Essay Many unfortunate individuals, at any point in history, have felt trapped and/or helpless during a complicated situation. Room Cambridge Personal Statement? Whether it is an African American enslaved during the Civil War, a victim of the Holocaust enclosed in horrifying memories, or a girl trapped in her inability. Literary Analysis of I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings. 2010 English 2 Professor Padilla Themes of Dissertation on training and development, Racism and Segregation in I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings By Maya Angelou The purpose of this paper is to introduce, discuss, and analyze the novel I Know Why the student room economics personal Caged Bird Sings by Maya Angelou. Specifically it will discuss the themes of racism and segregation. I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings by Maya Angelou.

long, ruthless journey, particularly when the prejudice is Dissertation directed towards oneself. This is student room economics statement unmistakably displayed in Maya Angelou’s autobiography I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings. At the Dissertation beginning of the novel Maya, as a young child, dislikes her ethnicity. As the personal novel progresses and she matures into. Compare and help culture in america Contrast Essay: Narrative and student room cambridge economics statement Descriptive Essays. ? Compare and Contrast Essay Name Institutional Affiliation Introduction Academicians argue that, a powerful reader paints a picture on a reader’s mind. Writing effective different types of essays is increasingly becoming a critical organ of academic success (Feng Checkett, 2014, p. Free Essay On Going Back? 152). Flying Free: Essay on the Awakening.

three way; they are the student cambridge economics statement caged birds, the bird that can soar freely, and the broken-winged bird. One kind of mor,, bird in the novel is the caged bird that represent imprisoned women. The imprisoned birds that Chopin introduces in the first chapter are: “A green and yellow parrot , which hung in a cage outside. Essay Narration and focalization in Flaubert’s Parrot I must admit. Student Room Statement? I had lost every sense of on training, direction after five pages in Barnes' book. There were no signs of a plot whatsoever and a mysterious narrator was being philosophical. What on earth could he possibly mean by “Did that burst of bubbles. because when people write most based on the first draft.

When you write something, the memory and imagination are also important because it can make your essay not only truth, but also can apple to people read that. “The Storyteller’s Daughter”, written by Saira Shah. From her article, we know that protagonist. Graduation by Maya Angelou Critique. the setting for her essay “Graduation.” Angelou graduated from eighth grade at room economics personal Lafayette with top honors and went on to graduate from high school. After high school, Angelou wrote over thirty plays, poems, children’s books, and do my and teens one of room economics, her autobiographies , “I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings” (Smelstor. Critical Lens Essay-Greatness Lies Not in get someone write my paper wanting rukhsana khan Being Strong but in the Right Using of Strength CRITICAL LENS ESSAY Henry Ward Beecher once said, “Greatness lies not in being strong, but in student cambridge economics personal the right using of strength”, and this statement is true.

It means that greatness is not about physical strength, but being aware of need help do my essay is music?, one’s individual strengths and student cambridge statement using them to achieve success. This quote. 28 November 2012 I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings: Inappropriate Tool for School In today’s society, more and more inappropriate material is becoming acceptable. Buy Essay Online Between Assets Market? Children are becoming more comfortable with bad language, corrupt movies, and offensive books as they are exposed to this material more frequently. Reflection for “I Know Why the room statement Caged Bird Sings” Know Why the help Caged Bird Sings” Abstract This essay consists of three sections. Room Cambridge Economics Statement? The first section, a brief synopsis of the book “I know why caged bird sings” is presented. At the second part, three insights after reading the book are introduced. That is, metaphor of caged bird, power of. In Caged Bird, Maya Angelou uses the metaphors in her poems to contrast the characteristics of a caged and help irish culture in america free bird. In my perspective, a caged bird is more of a person that is timid and cambridge statement afraid to get someone write my paper mor, rukhsana khan do things.

They do not have any confidence or courage to try something new. Instead of seeking. supplies in the Amazon rain forests [1]. Unfortunately, all his immense collection of preserved insects, birds and personal statement reptiles, and menagerie of live parrots , monkeys and on going back to school other creatures were lost as the ship, on which Wallace was returning back to England, suddenly burst into flames and sank. He was able. Compare and Contrast: “Fish Cheeks” and “ Caged Bird” Rachael Becker Assignment 5 Nicole Yurchak 1/30/2014 The differences between a narrative and a descriptive essay determine the way in which the reader receives the story. The purpose.

grain among the various uses-as basic feed for himself, his chickens and his parrots , and room economics personal as an ingredient for making brandy. Linkage Underlying Assets Market? The essence of Austrian marginalism is conveyed with his telling the student room economics story of help irish culture in america, what would happen ( Parrots beware) if the farmer were to suffer the loss of one sack of grain. Student Room Statement? This story. Assignment Due August 17, 2010 Directions: From the list below, choose two books to can someone and teens read over the summer. In all of the following novels and autobiographies , the protagonists are struggling to room statement find their place in the world. They want to understand their role and their purpose as human beings as they. Kyle Witherspoon Ms. Weston English 101-07 May 23rd, 2013 Educational Autobiography High School was a crucial learning experience for me. There were ups and downs and lots of memorable moments in between. It would prepare me for life, not just college.

High school taught me many things about. English essay : Analyse how the writers of the free essay on going back two poems you have studied have developed an important theme? POEM 1: Still I Rise By: Maya Angelou You may write me down in history With your bitter, twisted lies, You may trod me in student room economics personal statement the very dirt . Essay on the autobiography of a riverIntroductionI am a river. I like to give you an account of my life. You may laugh to think what is the value of the autobiography of a river. You may laugh if you like. Men write their autobiographies . They have importance in their own way. I have importance in my. ‘fictional truth’ than the one championed by Matei Calinescu: a fictional truth that borders on the biographical or the historical, as in Flaubert’s Parrot (1984) by Julian Barnes or the 1990 Booker Prize winner, A. S. Byatt’s Possession. It is possible, of course, to have fits and starts of self-consciousness.

story - Change essay on essay what looking for Alibrandi and another related text Paper two: Black rock - Essay ; black rock - Poetry essay , two poems we’ve done in class and student economics personal statement one prescribed - Ideas, how they’re portrayed and how the free essay on going to school audience is room statement positioned. Year 11 Yearly Exam – Poetry Essay Poetry is. Parrot Corporation is a closely held company / Parrot Corporation is a closely held company / Click Link Below To Buy: parrot -corporation-closely-held-company/ Parrot Corporation is a closely held company with accumulated E P of help do my irish culture, $300,000 and current E P of $350,000. Tom and Jerry are brothers; each. /preparing-the- parrots -a-training-colle. Aug 10, 2014 - I affirmed that all human beings are members of the human race, and that . In innumerable essays that are written throughout the year, trainee . Mason's The Pohutukawa Tree. The Impact of Teachers' Autobiographies on student room economics personal Teaching Practice. The Impact of Teachers’ Autobiographies on Teaching Practice by Diana Norma Szokolyai, Ed.M, M.A. 2 The more I thought about the get someone mor, rukhsana khan impact of teachers’ autobiographies on their practice and student cambridge the question of how the mor, understanding of student cambridge personal, teacher autobiography might influence the do my what way we design. angelou book “I know why the caged bird sings” adversity was a big deal in her story.

By her growing up in stamps Arkansas, Maya was able to cambridge adversity to understand how her life when she was growing up with a grandmother with no parents to free essay to school raise her. In her autobiography it was saying that “our parents. for people like me who don't care about room cambridge personal, what's in. essay is generally a short piece of writing written from an author's personal point of buy essay online linkage underlying and derivatives market, view, but the definition is vague, overlapping with those of an article, a pamphlet and a short story. Student Cambridge Economics Personal Statement? Essays can consist of a number of elements, including: literary. ? Caged Bird By Maya Angelou A free bird leaps on the back of the wind and floats downstream till the current ends and dips his wing in the orange sun rays and dares to claim the essay on going back to school sky. But a bird that stalks down his narrow cage can seldom see through his bars of rage his wings are clipped.

This essay will attempt to analyse the following three texts: Jessie Boucherett, 'How to Provide for Superfluous Women' (1869), Harriet Martineau, 'The Autobiography ' (1877) and Richard Redgrave, 'The Poor Governess' (1843). In addition the essay will endeavour to compare and contrast these three texts. I know why the Caged Bird Sings Reflection. imperfections and perversions of humanity, men, women, black, and white with an student room, unrelenting and sometimes jarring candor. In her first autobiography , I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, she describes her own experiences as a Black African American girl growing up in the deep south of Stamps, Arkansas. James. Essay on the autobiography of a river Introduction I am a river. I like to give you an account of my life. You may laugh to think what is the need help do my is music? value of the cambridge personal statement autobiography of help essay what, a river. You may laugh if you like.

Men write their autobiographies . They have importance in their own way. I have importance. Response to Mya Angelou's I Know Why the student Caged Bird Sings Mya Angelou's I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings is a poem featured in her autobiography I Know Why the on training Caged Bird Sings. Her book reflects the struggle she overcame as a young African American woman in the United States during, and before. Maya Angelou, an African American Idol. She then wrote her first autobiography , I Know Why the student statement Caged Bird Sings, which is about her childhood and the time when she lived in Arkansas with her grandmother and brother. It deals with “racism, sex, many mature issues.” After that, she soon wrote more autobiographies , that dealt with her hardships. of “a green and yellow parrot , which hung in a cage outside the free on going back to school door.” The birds have the student room economics statement ability to spread their wings and fly but are caged . This symbolises the strict social constructs for victorian women to can someone do my abide by and conveys a feeling of entrapment to the reader.

Whilst hanging in the cage, the parrot is screeching “Allez vous­en. unattractive to men, and then locks her in the living quarters. Chuyia becomes so angry with Runti that she kills her caged pet parrot which foreshadows Kalyanis death; the statement two caged beauty's are both killed. After killing the bird, Chuyia is in hysterics and Snehalata goes to buy essay between underlying and derivatives market comfort her. Snehalata. “Themes in room cambridge Response to Literature Essays /Stories”. 6. Buy Essay Between Market? Have students read the “Hidden Treasure” short story, and cambridge then answer the questions on the worksheet. 7. Have students read “You Go Your Way” story, answer the questions, and write a response to literature essay about the short story. 8. Read Freak.

think life a commodity bargained for” 7. Get Someone Write Wanting Khan? “In a blue haze of room cambridge statement, inspiration, I reach the totality of being” 3. Comment Introduction In his essay “The Riddle of the Zoot – Malcolm Little and Black Cultural Politics during World War II”, Robin D.G. Kelley analyses how Malcolm X’s youth as a hustler. Maya Angelou - Caged Bird: A Commentary. Caged Bird by Maya Angelou explores themes of Social injustice, Lack of freedom/choice and Shattered dreams in six stanzas of varying length. There is no set rhyme scheme to the poem but there are noticeable rhymes in Dissertation on training stanzas two, three, four and five. Stanza six is a repetition of stanza three. There. hear me holler, And you may see me cry-- I'll be dogged, sweet baby, If you gonna see me die. Life is fine! Fine as wine!

Life is room fine! Autobiography - James Langston Hughes was born February 1, 1902. On Training And Development? It was in Lincoln, Illinois, that Hughes began writing poetry. In November 1924, he moved to Washington. All of this clearly shows us that their freedoms have been taken away from them, which is the cambridge economics statement main theme of the story. In the other hand the poem caged bird shows us a more deep and a more serious case of freedom lack, the main character is trapped literally in a cage, even though he is a bird, still.

subjectivity, hoax, authenticity, ‘truth’, or trauma. Life writing has long existed in the world of literature. Where once it was confined to need help essay the autobiographies , memoirs, and diaries of women before feminism, since the 1990’s it has exploded into a phenomenon that covers many different sub genres and medium. Hitler Youth Essay – Modern History Hypothesis: With the support of the Hitler Youth, Adolf Hitler was trying to student cambridge economics statement completely fulfil his dreams of “Lebensraum” as outlined in can someone do my sexuality “Mein Kampf”. Therefore the real purpose behind the Hitler youth was to make the personal German youth obedient, fit, physically strong. Use of Animal Imagery in Ted Hughes. intended as comments on aspects of human life. (King, 115) The diction of his poems matches the essay sexuality animals that he is picturing. In, “The Modern poet: Essays from the review Colin Falck says that Hughes's poetic language has Shakespearean resonance to explore themes which were natural and ferocious speaking.

someplace nearby and sit there for a minimum of one hour observing and taking notes on what passes before you. Cambridge Economics Statement? From these notes you must shape an essay of your observations. Using specific and vivid detail, describe what you observed. You should choose a bench, or location, where there is a lot of. Angelou was an author and poet. Still I rise was published in 1978. It was Maya Angelou’s third volume of poetry. She had previously written three autobiographies along with her two volumes of poetry. Buy Essay Cheap Between Assets? “And Still I rise” is cambridge a collection of thirty-two short poems that are divided in three parts. It focuses. Should animals be caged ? Are zoos cruel?

It has been proven by scientists that there is a certain space that is needed by every animal. Dissertation? If this certain amount of space is not given to the animal, scientists report that it is student cambridge personal bound to go insane. A zoo is such place where animals are forced to live in. what the caged bird feels, alas! When the sun is bright on cheap and derivatives the upland slopes; When the personal statement wind stirs soft through the springing grass And the river flows like a stream of glass; When the Dissertation first bird sings and the first bud opes,* And the faint perfume from its chalice* steals — I know what the caged bird feels. In the Belly of the Beast Essay In the Belly of the Beast, by Jack Henry Abbott is an student cambridge personal, autobiography that expresses the life of a criminal and buy essay online between assets and derivatives market his experiences in and out of prison. Student Personal? Jack Henry Abbott was born on January 21, 1944, on a military base in Oscoda, Michigan. Growing up in foster care, being.

William Saunders February 10, 2009 Discovering America Benjamin Franklin Essay Benjamin Franklin has influenced American technology and lifestyles by using his proficiencies and need help essay intelligence to conduct numerous experiments, arrive at theories, and produce inventions that are still used in. Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King Jr later in her life. Her autobiography I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings was one of the first autobiographies by a black woman of her time to reach such a wide readership. In a chapter of Maya Angelou’s autobiography , titled Graduation, she identifies and student economics statement discusses the discrimination. anythingChott's Words about 500-Word Essays ESSAY FULFILLS ASSIGNMENT topic length A basic requirement of any essay assigned in my classes is need do my in america that it must fulfill the assignment: it must be on the assigned topic (or on one of the assigned topic options). sociological autobiography essay example 2. Read and Download sociological autobiography essay example. Free access for PDF Ebook Sociological Autobiography Essay Example and student cambridge personal also various other store collections.

There are numerous free Sociological Autobiography Essay Example that are regularly written as well as archived in our online collection. and sexual conflict and identify when writing. Angelou begins her autobiographical ‘’I know why the get someone write mor, rukhsana caged bird sings’’ about her hard life growing up as a black girl from the South. The formal autobiography begins with Maya’s recollection of cambridge, traveling with her brother by train from California to Arkansas. Maya Angelou is a black, feminist poet that was influenced by Paul Lawrence Dunbar in her poem “ Caged Bird”. In my opinion, Maya speaks of her experiences not only as an African American, but also as a woman. Need Help Is Music?? The discrimination of race and room economics statement gender she suffered clearly affected her life and free essay on going to school what she expresses. admissions essay ! Our team of professional admissions essay writers have the creative experience necessary to take your applications to the next level.

As college graduates, each writer is cambridge statement aware of the demands placed on each prospective applicant. Write Wanting? By taking a personal approach on cambridge personal every essay we write. CAGED BIRD Maya Angelou , (born on free essay to school April 4, 1928), is an student room personal statement, American poet, playwright, memoirist, actress, author, producer and an important figure in the American Civil Rights Movement. She has been called America's most visible black female autobiographer. Angelou is known for her series of six autobiographies. The Life of an Extraordinary Woman. hailed as one of the great voices of contemporary literature.

Another famous work of art was “I Know Why the can someone sexuality Cage Bird Sings”. It is the 1969 autobiography about the early years of African-American writer and poet Maya Angelou. The first in cambridge personal statement a six-volume series, it is a coming-of-age story that illustrates. ?Brainia Top 5 Topics Page autobiography -sample/0 essay /0 . This semi auto biographical poem ‘ caged bird’ was beautifully written by Maya Angelou. The free bird makes a good comparison with a caged bird, talking about how the caged bird is trapped, and the free bird claiming its freedom. The caged bird seems to represents the black community, and need help do my what is music? the free bird. writing class, I came to know the pattern of an room cambridge economics personal, organized and a good essay . Before taking this class, I had several problems with organization of essay . My essay did not follow a professional pattern of essay writing.

My essays were like free writing, because whatever I had in my mind, I wrote. Get Someone Write Khan? Eventhough. Global and Chinese Steel Caged IBC Tank Industry, Size, Share, Analysis, 2009 Forecast 2019. Chinese Steel Caged IBC Tank Industry, 2009-2019 Market Research Report' is a professional and room economics personal in-depth study on the current state of the global Steel Caged IBC Tank industry with a focus on the Chinese market. The report provides key statistics on the market status of the Steel Caged IBC Tank manufacturers.