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Boston University Arts Sciences Writing Program. Many in our modern culture have become concerned with the idea of authenticity. Some argue that we have lost our sense of authenticity and can no longer find a “center of self” (Erickson 122). This argument about authenticity is of special interest in the art world since “authentic” artwork is increasingly sought. No longer is it enough for a piece to employ special craftsmanship or an artistic touch, but it must be “authentic” to be worthy of exhibition (Phillips). But what makes a piece of best short art “authentic”? According to professor and philosopher Dr.

Larry Shiner in his article “Primitive Fakes,” the meanings of words like “art,” “artist,” and “aesthetic” have changed since the eighteenth century. Paper Online Soike? By classical definition, “#8217;art#8217; means any skilled handicraft, #8216;artist#8217; means any skilled maker of an artifact, and essays #8216;taste#8217; means any set of values for Paper Writer, ranking artifacts” (225). Best Short Essays? However, Shiner explains, these common words have come to take on different meanings: when used in modern discussion, #8216;Art#8217; suggests a distinct realm of works or performances of elevated status, #8216;Artist#8217; implies innovation, individualism, and a devotion to Art as a vocation, and #8216;Aesthetic#8217; suggests disinterested appreciation” (225). This change in substance essay, our understanding of art over the past two centuries is significant because it illustrates our developing desire for authenticity. In art, we look more for individualism and originality—that is, authenticity—and, in the process, we devalue craftsmanship. Best Essays? But what is - Advanced …, authentic art, and, even more, what makes an authentic artist? In his recent documentary Exit Through the best short essays, Gift Shop (2010), British street artist Banksy weighs in. He tells the how to start conclusion, story of French videographer Thierry Guetta, who begins to film Banksy for a potential movie about street art.

Instead of creating the revealing film that he promised, however, Guetta ends up becoming an best on pollution aspiring street artist and then the center of Los Angeles pop art hype for several weeks after the opening of his 2008 art show, “Life is Beautiful.” As director Banksy tells this story, he reveals how our quest for authenticity collides with our standards for art evaluation in modern culture. In order to properly discuss the concept of “authenticity,” a term which has evolved over the course of many years, it is necessary to properly define it, and to look at some recent developments in buy research online soike, research about the subject. Sociologist Andrew Weigert suggests that our modern conception of authenticity took hold about 70 years ago (qtd. in Erickson 123), although he points out that conversations about best short it have taken place for economic substance essay, several centuries. According to professor and sociologist Rebecca Erickson, the easiest mistake when attempting to define “authenticity” is to confuse the term with “sincerity.” In Lionel Trilling’s book Sincerity and Authenticity , he defines sincerity as “a congruence between avowal and actual feeling,” which suggests a specific relation to others (qtd. in Erickson 124). Sincerity, in other words, has to do with one’s feelings and short on pollution thoughts being in buy research soike heels, agreement with what one says. On Pollution? Authenticity, however, is simply being true to oneself. As Trilling says, “A work of art is itself authentic by order essay cheap of ephesians, reason of its entire self-definition: it is understood to short, exist wholly by the laws of its own being” (qtd. in Erickson 124). Thus, authenticity is a concept of self-reference; it has nothing to do with one’s relationship to others. Although deeply rooted in many classical and academic fields, authenticity as a social aspiration has only mainly evolved over the past few decades (Erickson 121).

Our interest in authenticity today is a result of several factors that have influenced its change in recent years. How To Start Dissertation Conclusion? According to Jeanne Liedtka in her article “Strategy Making and the Search for short essays on pollution, Authenticity,” theories about the “driving forces behind this interest” are in great supply and come in two categories: those that focus on buy research paper soike external factors and on pollution those (adopted mostly by psychologists) that concentrate on rights internal development (237). Several external factors, Liedtka explains, include a desire to fight back against best short essays on pollution, the mass media and create a unique identity, the rise of “consumer culture,” “fears of loss of meaning and freedom amidst the rise of economic doctrine essay instrumentalism and best short essays institutionalism,” and titles the reduced influence and best short essays significance of family and other traditional norms in our increasingly tolerant society (238). On the other hand, many developmental psychologists attribute the rising significance of buy research soike heels authenticity to a “natural human urge that seeks psychological health, rather than as a reaction to external factors” (238). Best Essays On Pollution? In other words, our desire for authenticity is motivated not by environmental reasons but by biological ones. In addition, Erickson argues that, most importantly, our increased attention to authenticity is a result of “the transition from industrial to postindustrial society and from modern to postmodern culture” (121). Buy Research Paper Soike? Whatever the cause, scholars and psychologists alike agree that our modern culture does indeed place great value on best authenticity—especially in the Fine Arts.

Liedtka explains that a dominant theme of the authenticity discussion in the art world is “the notion of the authentic as both highly original and simultaneously rooted in familiar traditions” (239). In other words, art critics and analysts bestow authenticity on artwork based on both its originality and its relation to Research Paper …, culture and tradition. This method of art analysis could be a result of many of the aforementioned influences, but the importance of both originality and rootedness suggests that it comes from both external factors (finding individuality and uniqueness) and internal ones (seeking psychological health). Banksy uses his film to contribute to this conversation about art and authenticity. A street artist since 1992, Banksy is known throughout the world as one of the primary proponents of graffiti art. He is also known for his contempt towards those who label graffiti art as “vandalism.” In Exit Through The Gift Shop , the short essays, British street artist focuses on the life of Thierry Guetta, a French cameraman who crosses paths with Banksy and ends up documenting a large amount of Paper - Advanced Banksy’s work with the essays on pollution, intention of creating a documentary about street art. However, as Exit progresses, it seems to turn upon itself, as it focuses on economic substance doctrine essay Guetta’s entry into short on pollution, the street art world and his success as a copyist of Banksy. Ultimately, through the use of specific scenes and characteristics of the film, Banksy reveals the inauthenticity of Guetta’s art. In the for research on obesity, very opening of the movie, we see a montage of clips of street artists creating art, set to the tune of Richard Hawley’s “Tonight The Streets Are Ours.” This brief foray gives us a privileged look into the worlds of best famous “masked” artists and their craft. We see everything from papers, artists making detailed paintings, to tagging, and even to essays on pollution, spraying paint onto the side of a train.

The viewer can almost feel the attitude and emotion of the artists as they express themselves in titles on obesity, such a public and rebellious fashion. However, a significant question to ask is: is short essays on pollution, this authentic art? More importantly, what does Banksy think? With our previous definition of authenticity in mind (being “true to oneself”), it follows that street art’s authenticity, or inauthenticity, has much to do with the artists’ motivations. In her article “Writing on online cheap Our Walls,” Marisa Gomez, editor of the University of Michigan Journal of Law Reform , says, “Different motivations drive different types of graffiti, and graffiti cannot be understood or controlled without an short understanding of the Writer, motivations behind its creation” (634). According to Gomez, because artists’ motivations distinguish graffiti art from vandalism, they are extremely important when seeking to understand street art.

In “’Our Desires Are Ungovernable’: Writing Graffiti in best short, Urban Space,” Dr. Mark Halsey and Professor Alison Young consider some of these motivations, which they call “the hitherto hidden aspects of graffiti culture.” They argue that graffiti is, first and economic essay foremost, about pleasure—whether the short on pollution, emotional pleasure of expressing oneself in a public place, or simply the physical pleasure of holding a can of spray paint (276). They explain that, initially, motivations for street art included its aesthetic appeal and shared peer activity. However, as this art continued, its motivations began to titles on obesity, include pride, pleasure, and best essays on pollution recognition. Ultimately, street art is a form of “Identity Art” which reflects the motivations of its creators (Fine 155). By definition, then, street art seems to be authentic—and, indeed, one of Banksy’s main focuses in Exit is to titles for research papers on obesity, establish it as such. After a brief background into Guetta’s life prior to the film, Banksy shows him as he starts to film street artists, beginning with his cousin, “Space Invader.” Guetta documents the street artist’s work incessantly and starts to follow the best short essays on pollution, paths of other artists like Shepard Fairey—best known for his Obama campaign poster—and Borf. These stories of real street artists, who have perfected their craft, emphasize to the viewer Banksy’s appreciation for street artists like himself, who have spent years and years developing their own styles and devoting their time to expressing themselves. This characteristic of street art—true self-expression on rights the part of the best short essays, artist—is what makes much of it authentic, according to Banksy. However, although Banksy argues in favor of the authenticity of art made by street artists like him, he calls into titles on obesity, question Guetta’s art. While we enjoy secret shots of other street artists at work, Banksy creates an essays atmosphere of contempt surrounding Guetta, the filmmaker.

Each time Guetta pushes his camera into the face of a celebrity or artist at Paper Writer - Advanced, work, we cringe. Tacky music plays as Guetta talks about best short essays how he wants to record every second possible, and Banksy includes a testimonial from the videographer’s wife about how Guetta privileges his filming over his family: “We worry, but he doesn’t care. We need him. Heels? He doesn’t think!” We’re similarly overcome with discomfort as Guetta begins to plaster all over town drawings of himself holding a camera, copying the styles of Banksy and the street artists he has followed for so long. We wonder if Guetta is best short on pollution, doing this for fame or for rights essay, self-expression. At this moment, we begin to best short, understand Banksy’s point of view: not all street art is authentic. Another point that Banksy raises about the Research …, question of authenticity is street artists’ emotional motivations.

One example of this theme is the street artist Borf, whom Guetta interviews early in the film. Short Essays On Pollution? Borf explains that his art is in memory of his late best friend, and it holds great emotional value to him. Laidtka points out that, since emotions are such a critical reflection of self, they are important to consider when judging authenticity: Social psychologists…emphasize the paper online heels, role emotion plays in their discussions of authenticity. Best Short Essays On Pollution? Because of the primary role that self-knowledge plays in uncovering the order online cheap the book, authentic self, emotions are seen as delivering critical messages to the cognitive mind about the self’s true state. For them, such ‘‘undistorted perception of best short essays on pollution immediate psychological reality’’ serves as the foundation of the authentic. (239) In other words, because emotions are such basic indicators of self and identity, they reflect authenticity. The emotion of pleasure, one of the primary motivations behind graffiti, seems to titles on obesity, speak to street art’s authenticity. However, Banksy’s opinion differs with that of Laidtka. Guetta clearly has emotional motivations, mainly that of pleasure, as he pastes those printouts and stickers that show him holding his camera.

However, Banksy still calls into question the authenticity of essays on pollution Guetta’s art. He believes that merely the artist’s pleasure while creating art does not make it authentic; there must be something more that establishes its authenticity. In his article “Crafting Authenticity: The Validation of Authenticity in Privacy samples, Self-Taught Art,” Gary Allan Fine, an American sociologist and author, explores how self-taught artists’ identities affect their art. Especially relevant is his discussion on how authenticity is bestowed and, specifically, how an artist’s personal legitimacy is used to best short on pollution, support his artwork’s aesthetic authenticity in the minds of the cultural elite. This idea is specifically referenced in relation to buy research paper heels, an artist’s biography. Essays? Fine says that, in addition to motivation and inspiration, artists’ biographies prove the authenticity of their work: Closely tied to the motivations and inspirations of buy research paper online heels artists are the presentations of their biographies. The biographies of self-taught artists justify their authenticity, serving as a primary criterion of evaluation. To be sure, the work itself matters, as many people have interesting biographies, but the biography invests the material with meaning. (162–3) In other words, the biography and best short essays experience of an artist, not just his motivations, define the authenticity of his art, and an artist’s background gives his work meaning. Banksy’s biography, and those of the other street artists that the film follows, is lengthy. However, Guetta’s biography, as an Paper - Advanced artist, is a short one.

Prior to his work as a street artist, he was a videographer with hardly an artistic desire, but now he suddenly rises to prominence. Banksy objects to Guetta’s lack of best short on pollution artistic experience; this, he claims, is an important part of an artist’s identity and must be taken into account when we judge the authenticity of his work. Ultimately, Banksy feels as if he and other street artists have been cheated. And it only gets worse, as Guetta (or Mr. Brainwash, as he begins calling himself) becomes famous and opens an enormous art show in Los Angeles (called “Life is Beautiful”), making almost one million dollars on an artistic style that he has developed in almost no time at all. One art enthusiast at the show says of Guetta’s art, “It’s a triumph, it will go down in history—I’m glad my friends turned me on to this.” All the glowing praise of Guetta’s artwork, according to Banksy, just shows how eager we can be to believe in an art piece’s authenticity. Mr.

Brainwash, Banksy claims, is nothing but a hoax—he’s in it for the money and the fame. As critic Peter DeBruge says, “Clearly, Banksy#8217;s big beef with the contempo art scene is the idea of selling out. Like many modern artists, Banksy began as a renegade, whereas Guetta aims straight for the iconic status of guys like Andy Warhol and papers Salvador Dali” (28). The fact that Guetta succeeds so easily in the art world raises questions about Banksy’s film itself: Is it real? Is it authentic ? Many reviewers suggest that the film is just an essays on pollution elaborate, if entertaining, hoax—a “prankumentary”—created by Banksy to get artists and art critics alike to reconsider their methods for Privacy samples, placing value on artwork. Not only does Banksy address this issue through the events of the film, but he uses a new artistic medium, the documentary itself, as well. A central problem of the documentary form is the question of authenticity versus entertainment; in the same way that collectors desire authentic artwork, we desire an authentic experience when we watch a documentary.

As Barry Grant says in his book Documenting the short, Documentary: Close Readings of Documentary Film and Video , “The question of the performative has always dogged documentary. Traditional wisdom maintains that one should not stage or imitate reality; instead, the documentary filmmaker is supposed to capture it” (429). Paper Writer? In other words, we don’t want a fake, or a copy: we want to watch a film that authentically captures reality—a film that is true to the event it depicts. However, reality is, in fact, boring. What we ultimately desire, then, is an experience that is authentic to us : relevant, interesting, and true. Yet we are so quick to on pollution, believe in the authenticity of Exit that we ignore its hints of artificiality—namely, the economic doctrine, success of the bumbling and easily distracted Guetta seems too coincidental—and believe that it actually happened. By the end of the film, it seems that Bansky has played a trick on us: the authenticity of the short essays on pollution, film itself is called into titles for research papers on obesity, question.

Banksy is drawing a parallel between our approach to visual art and our approach to his film. In the same way that our eagerness to bestow authenticity on Exit causes us to miss the point of the best short essays on pollution, film, our eagerness to call art authentic results in the success of essay cheap the book of ephesians sellouts like Guetta. If Banksy has created his ultimate hoax in this film, there’s no way to know for sure because, as he avows in best essays on pollution, interviews, it’s a true story. However, if Guetta’s career was just an how to dissertation elaborately created, filmed prank, it takes Banksy’s questions to a whole new level: essentially, he calls on us to question the way we evaluate art. He illustrates that, just as our desire for short on pollution, an authentic experience when we watch a documentary influences us to place value on what may only be a complicated hoax, our desire for authenticity in art influences us to sometimes ascribe value to objects that we probably shouldn’t.

At the end of the film, in Banksy’s last interview, he mentions one of the consequences of placing value on inauthentic art: its influence on other artists: I don#8217;t think Thierry played by the rules, in some ways, but then . . . For Research On Obesity? there aren#8217;t supposed to be any rules. So I don#8217;t really know what the best essays, moral is. I mean . . . I used to encourage everyone I met to make art. I used to think everyone should do it. I don#8217;t really do that so much any more. In other words, because of modern standards for art evaluation, people like Guetta stifle the creativity and motivation of other artists because they rise so quickly—and yet their art isn’t authentic. Banksy has been led to question even his own art as a result of Guetta’s fame, and rights samples he no longer encourages other artists. Banksy alludes to these consequences but doesn’t come up with a concrete answer: “I don’t know what it means, Thierry#8217;s huge success and best on pollution arrival in the art world. For Research Papers On Obesity? Maybe it means Thierry was a genius all along, maybe it means he got a bit lucky. Maybe art is all a big joke.” However, this somewhat disappointing conclusion doesn’t take away from the importance of the issues that Banksy raises. He has influenced us to consider why we call a piece of short essays art authentic and rights essay how that affects the livelihoods of other artists.

In an increasingly changing fine arts culture where it seems as though artists learn the rules to essays, break them, it is becoming more and more important for us to assess our standards for rights essay samples, art evaluation, especially in the context of our quest for authenticity. This assessment may well affect the best short on pollution, vitality of street artists—and all artists—for decades to come. Debruge, Peter. “Exit Through the Gift Shop.” Variety . Economic? 15–21 Feb. 2010: 28. Web. Erickson, Rebecca. “The Importance of Authenticity for Self and Society.” Symbolic Interaction 18.2 (Summer 1995): 121–41. Print. Exit Through the Gift Shop . Dir. Banksy.

Paranoid Pictures, 2010. Best Essays On Pollution? Netflix. Web. Start? 29 April 2011. Short? Fine, Gary Allan. “Crafting Authenticity: The Validation of Authenticity in Self-Taught Art.” Theory and Paper Writer Society 32.2 (April 2003): 153–80. Web. Gomez, Marisa A. “The Writing On Our Walls: Finding Solutions Through Distinguishing Graffiti Art From Graffiti Vandalism.” University of Michigan Journal of Law Reform 26 (Spring 1993): 633–707. Web. Grant, Barry. Documenting the Documentary: Close Readings of Documentary Film and Video . Best Short? Detroit: Wayne State University Press, 1998. Print.

Halsey, Mark and Alison Young. “’Our Desires Are Ungovernable’: Writing Graffiti in Urban Space.” Theoretical Criminology 10 (2006): 275–306. Web. Leidtka, Jean. “Strategy Making and the Search for Authenticity.” Journal of Business Ethics 80 (2008): 237–48. Web. Phillips, David. How To Start Dissertation? Exhibiting Authenticity . Manchester: Manchester University Press, 1998. Print. Shiner, Larry. “’Primitive Fakes,’ ‘Tourist Art,’ and the Ideology of Authenticity.#8221; The Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism 52.2 (Spring 1994): 225–34. Web. Best Short? Writing Consultants are available for all CAS WR classes.

Appointments can be booked online. The Writing Program recently announced its competition for Research Writer - Advanced …, Fall 2018 Graduate Writing Fellowships. The Fall 2017 course catalog is best, available to view on the Curriculum page. Boston University Arts Sciences Writing Program.

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I mean, it would just be plain rude to bring a five page paper like Tommy did. So I left my homework at home, as a present to you. Paper? You’re welcome! What may seem inconceivable to such a professional teacher as yourself, comes with a perfectly good explanation. Best Short On Pollution? Your daily instruction has educated me so well that I know all the Paper - Advanced answers without writing them down. Noticeably, I pay attention to your intriguing lessons so well, and I feel that demonstrating my knowledge to the class would take away from the others who do not. They definitely need the practice more than I. So if you value the welfare of your class as a whole, it would probably be better if you have someone else do it for you. This information is classified so you can’t say anything for short essays your own safety. I'm chairman of Privacy rights a corporation called Students League of Tarrying Homework (SLOTH), established in 1750. Students pay me and some of the smartest people in the world (i.e. Bill Gates, Bill Nye, Barack Obama, and Barbara Walters) to do homework assignments.

We access school databases to get all assignments each month, and send encrypted codes in best short on pollution the mail disguised as magazine subscriptions. Rights Essay Samples? Last night I found out the best short essays League had been infiltrated. Buy Research Paper Online? Bill Nye, jealous that he had to do homework back when he was in school, searched through the databases where he found all of my homework assignments for the month, and entered the short essays wrong code, causing all of the files to self-destruct. Titles Papers On Obesity? A helicopter will be picking me up after school to go after him. This is essays, why I don’t have my homework. I didn't finish the titles on obesity homework because on short essays, the board it reads October 25, 2010 Homework Due!! and that date hasn't come yet. Doctrine Essay? I accidentally divided by zero and my homework erupted into flames. I managed to best short essays, save my house, but my homework did not make it.

I failed to order essay of ephesians, do my homework because Tommy bullied me all day yesterday! He's laughing at me even now! He kept insisting that boys named Johnny are horrible at math and so I suffered from stereotype threat. Unable to focus on homework, I organized a study group to meet after school to review the lesson the best short homework was based on. Economic? I arrived at the library ready to study, but was shocked to see that Tommy was there! He took my place in my own group! My so called friends said there was no more room. Best? The cruel politics of high school never cease. I got home and order essay online the book of ephesians looked in my backpack for my notes on best essays, the lesson and I couldn't find them!!

All I found was a note that read Johnny, I stole your notes from class. You can fight me for them at the library. Samples? Sincerely, Tommy. Yesterday I saw a nice man with the sign says THE END IS HERE! So no one does their homework on best essays on pollution, the eve of the apocalypse. I've recently converted to samples, Daoism. Best Short? One of Daoism's many concepts include Wu wei, which emphasizes that because nature works naturally, we as humans should take the same path and order of ephesians avoid performing any extra tasks other than what is natural, so doing homework is actually against my religion. Well I was sitting in my room getting my homework on when all of a sudden there was an best short essays on pollution, obnoxious rumble in front of my house.

I went outside to Research Paper - Advanced, see what all the ruckus was about and essays there was a biker gang on the front lawn. I yelled get off my lawn you crazy hooligans. The bikers did not take too kindly to this. I locked the essay door but the bikers burst through. I bolted to my room to short essays, protect my homework but before I could reach my room they grabbed me. As they circled around me the leader came forward speaking in a familiar voice. He was shorter than the rest. He went on this rant about his evil plan to destroy me. He grabbed my homework, asked Do you know who I am? pulled off the mask and it was Tommy. Well, you see.

I happen to have Selective Dyslexia Syndrome, and economic substance doctrine essay I read the date on best short, the board as October 52, 2010. I thought I had an extra 30 days on the assignment! So I decided to put it off and work on my present to order essay online the book, you that I was going to finish somewhere around October 39, and best short essays on pollution give it to you then, because you are such a handsome teacher, so full of knowledge and understanding! You should be awarded the Generation's Best Global Teacher award! (I took the liberty of nominating you for titles it) Since I happened to short essays on pollution, get the wrong date, I'll have it to you by either the essay samples end of the class or tomorrow? Thanks :) Its only essays a day late, if there is an infinite amount of time in the universe, then a day divided by titles for research on obesity, infinity is nothing so its actually on short on pollution, time! Johnny wasn't able to do his math homework because he has a solar-powered calculator, and being that he lives in Seattle the sun never showed up. Soike Heels? He wasn't able to work out all the essays on pollution problems on paper because he didn't have enough time since he was on such a tight schedule with rallying all night, supporting higher pay for hard working teachers like you. While taking my binder from class, I ran into a stampeding herd of rushing students that uniformly marched to their cars to rights samples, go home from an exhausted day. Best Short On Pollution? I could not fight the flow of traffic and through my persistent pushing, I lost grip of my binder and watched it sweep away under the feet of my peers.

Following both with my eyes and feet I tried to run after it, watching it pursue a trail further and further away from me. Finally reaching the buy research paper online soike heels outskirts of the parking lot, I ran after it and best essays on pollution was suddenly stopped in economic substance essay my tracks as the stampeding students turned into vicious road raged cars trying to escape the campus. Within minutes, my binder becomes the very road in which my peers drove upon, and papers are shattered across the street like dust. My homework papers returned to nature in a more digestible form. I'm sorry Sir, my Roomba ate it. Well you see sir, each new day of my life is tarnished by my constant need to essays, complete the homework that you have assigned me. Last night in the midst of a mini existential crisis, I came to the conclusion that homework is the papers on obesity brick wall that has been hindering me from leaving the dusty confines of my desk and exploring the world.

Rather than read about how others have made history, I have firmly resolved to inspire generations to take a stance against homework. Best Short On Pollution? My clear disdain for homework has inspired me to Research Paper Writer - Advanced, lobby congressional leaders to realize that it is in the best interest of our nation’s trees to ban excessive homework, Generations from best essays on pollution, now, students will open their textbooks and how to start dissertation conclusion read my story. Best Short? To them I say, put down your text book, who needs history when you can make your own? Well you see teacher, according to Quantum Physics on tracking the rights essay samples movement of particles that is inherently random, my homework dematerialized when I wasn't looking and probably rematerialized somewhere into the unknown and the chances of retrieving it is slim to near impossible. What happened was that as I opened the textbook to best essays, write down the economic substance problems, I saw the answers scrawled in the margins.

I felt bad copying them onto my sheet, because I hadn't done the work and short essays that would be cheating. I used my homework as a test subject for my Science Fair Project, the time machine. Essay Online Cheap The Book? It should be here about this time tomorrow. Best On Pollution? I sneezed so hard last night that I knocked around my cerebrum and completely lost my short term memory. I didn't realize we had any homework until just now, I swear! See I'm even wearing different socks because I couldn't figure out which one went with which this morning! My mom just started Weight Watchers and mistakenly shredded my homework paper instead of the 0 calorie Weight Watchers bread in her low fat breakfast casserole. The world is difficult, and we children are physically weak and emotionally immature.

Yet to maintain my integrity as a good student I am often forced to make hard decisions and to face overwhelming pressures that require wisdom and maturity. However the reason I did not turn in my homework is substance doctrine essay, because like every teenager, I get distracted and I fail to do the things necessary for me to succeed at times. We are often naive and ignorant of the world and we often have no clear sense of the consequences of our actions. Nonetheless, now I can be confident that beyond the present difficulties lies a glorious future, assured to best on pollution, me not because I took the easy way out but because I accepted challenges, made no excuses, and turned in my homework. I don't have my homework because it was so good that someone stole it.

My tutor took it home to make practice sheets. Sir, I'm not sure how anybody got the assignment. Titles? The light shines off your head so bright that I can’t even see the board. Although I profusely apologize for the lack of completion of the assignment that you have given me, I must reveal what precise happenings entailed this most grievous error. As you are well aware, I am unfailingly punctual in short the completion of work which I have been tasked with, and, I assure you, that this work was completed by myself, and has simply been misplaced in a particular manner that makes recovery highly unlikely. As you know, I was to have recently returned from an how to start dissertation conclusion, academic conference in essays on pollution England, however, upon arriving at Writer …, Argleton, Lancanshire, England, I discovered the village itself lacked existence, and that my luggage, including my homework, had never arrived. And so, dear teacher, my homework was not eaten by anything so mundane as a dog, but by a nonexistent village in England. Teacher: Where's your homework? Johnny: I did not do it.

Teacher: Why not? Johnny: “Well. . Best Essays On Pollution? .homework IS work. . .right?” Teacher: “Yes, of course” Johnny: “Than it's illegal” Teacher: “What?! How?” Johnny: “Child Labor Laws. Start? Excuse me teacher but I must apologize for my irresponsibility, because there is best short on pollution, no excuse for online cheap the book me not having my homework. Excuses are tools of incompetence which build monuments of best short on pollution nothingness, and those that specialize at using them are seldom good at anything else. I couldn't complete my homework last night because I suffered from start dissertation, a terrible bite. A rhyming bug jumped out of my mug and pulled at my skin with a small little tug.

I knew at that moment that I couldn't complete my work because there was a peculiar quirk. I just knew that I couldn't stop rhyming, and there never could have been poorer timing. My school work was at an all time peak, and the situation was looking bleak. I had Chemistry, English, and Spanish to do, but I didn't know if I would pull through. I reached my final assignment by one in short essays on pollution the morning, but what came next was without warning. There was no word that rhymed with trigonometry, and that was a sign that was plain to see. Therefore, I came to your class with my homework incomplete, and I decided not to titles for research papers on obesity, cheat. I couldn't do my homework because it was cloudy. I have a solar powered calculator. Yesterday I found myself in an interesting predicament.

Yes, really, just look at my face, I'm not lying. What, I look dishonest? Well, you mustn't be looking closely enough because I'm missing my favorite freckle, see? My left cheek is short on pollution, not symmetrical with my right and, according to the law of syllogism, if the essay online the book of ephesians features of my face are imbalanced, and short on pollution my face is a definite part of my head, my head is imbalanced! I am surely suffering from a sharp decrease of cerebrospinal fluid, which puts my brain in danger of permanent damage should I subject it to activities as rigorous as homework assignments! You don't believe me? You must be ailing from the same condition as I am. you're missing a freckle, too! Tommy’s the only healthy one: he has an equal number of freckles on his face! No wonder he hasn’t failed his scholarly duties! While watching television, a commercial caught my attention. It asked students of local schools to conclusion, nominate their favorite teacher to be recognized for their hard work and dedication to their students.

I immediately thought of my favorite teacher! This teacher is kind and nurturing and exemplifies what it means to be a great teacher. I know from short on pollution, past experiences that this teacher is very patient and most importantly, understanding. This teacher is very knowledgeable about not only his subject but other subject matters as well. I respect and how to start conclusion look up to best short essays on pollution, this teacher quite a bit. So after seeing the commercial, I didn't hesitate to paper online, begin writing the essay which would nominate this award worthy teacher of such accreditation.

I didn't do my homework because I used my time writing a letter to best essays on pollution, nominate you for of ephesians Teacher-of-the-Year. Best Short Essays? I did my homework but I got in a fight with Tommy this morning because he said you weren't the best teacher ever. As I was defending your honor Tommy spit in how to dissertation my face and destroyed my homework. All I could salvage were these tiny shreds that he didn't set in flames. Sorry they are kind of wet, I used them to wipe my tears. I'm truly sorry teacher for not doing my homework.

However, yesterday my house was a crucial breaking point in the space-time continuum. Completion of my homework within this junction would at best would improve my grade in this class, but at worst bring a total collapse to this localized region of space and time. Best Short On Pollution? I just couldn't take that risk. For the good of the group, and the future of the Paper - Advanced … human race, I could not do my homework. I hope you understand the gravity of the situation and extend some manner of leniency.

You see your just such a great teacher and I didn't want to best, add to conclusion, your workload, but in all seriousness I made my homework into a paper plane and it got hijacked so, there it is, that's why I didn't hand it in.

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5 Steps to a 5 Ap English Langauge. Education. Best Short On Pollution! All rights reserved. Except. as permitted under the United States. Essay! Copyright Act of short 1976, no part of titles on obesity this. Best Short Essays On Pollution! publication may be reproduced or. Economic Substance Essay! distributed in any form or by any means, or stored in a database or retrieval. system, without the prior written. permission of the publisher. The material in best short essays this eBook also appears. in the print version of start this title: ISBN: 978-0-07-180359-5, MHID: 0-07180359-9. E-book conversion by Codemantra. respective owners. Rather than put a. trademark symbol after every occurrence. of a trademarked name, we use names in. an editorial fashion only, and to the. benefit of the best on pollution trademark owner, with no. intention of infringement of the. trademark. Where such designations. appear in this book, they have been. printed with initial caps.

McGraw-Hill Education eBooks are. Essay Online! available at special quantity discounts to. On Pollution! use as premiums and sales promotions. or for use in corporate training. programs. To contact a representative. How To Conclusion! please visit the short essays Contact Us page at. the McGraw-Hill Education logo, 5. Steps to a 5 and related trade dress are. trademarks or registered trademarks of. McGraw-Hill Education and/or its. affiliates in the United States and other. countries and for research on obesity may not be used without. written permission. All other trademarks. are the property of their respective. owners. McGraw-Hill Education is essays, not. associated with any product or vendor. Substance Essay! mentioned in this book.

Cartoon by Jim Sizemore used with. permission of best Cartoon Stock Ltd. Editorial cartoon by order online cheap of ephesians, Chris Britt used. with permission of the cartoonist. 2006 The Christian Science Monitor. . BYP 5-5 BYP 5-5 COMMUNICATION ACTIVITY | | (a), (b) President Surfing USA Co. Dear Sir: As you know, the financial statements for Surfing USA Co. are prepared in short essays on pollution accordance with generally accepted accounting principles. One of these principles is the revenue recognition principle, which provides that revenues should be recognized when they are earned. Typically, sales revenues are earned when the Privacy rights samples goods are transferred to best essays the buyer from the seller. At this point, the sales transaction is completed and the sales price is Research, established. Thus, in the typical situation, revenue on the surfboard ordered by Flutie is earned at event No. 8, when Flutie picks up the surfboard.

The circumstances pertaining to short essays on pollution this sale may seem to you to be atypical because Flutie has ordered a specific kind of surfboard. From an accounting standpoint, this would be true only if you could not reasonably expect to sell this surfboard to another customer. In such case, it would be proper under generally accepted accounting principles to recognize sales revenue when you have completed the how to dissertation conclusion surfboard for Flutie. Whether Flutie makes a down payment with the best essays on pollution purchase order is irrelevant in recognizing sales revenue because at this time, you have not done anything to earn the revenue. A down payment may be an indication of Research Paper Writer - Advanced Flutie’s “good faith.” However, its effect on your financial statements is limited entirely to recognizing the best essays on pollution down payment as unearned revenue. If you have further. Words: 253 - Pages: 2. . Letter of Birmingham Jail Martin Luther King constructs his letter by his use of Biblical allusion references, and order online his use of Rhetorical Appeals such as Logos, Pathos, and best on pollution Ethos which is shown throughout the letter.

He gives us the oppositions arguments and how to conclusion answers them. (Pathos)As Dr. Martin Luther King begins his letter with emotional appeal towards him being in the Birmingham jail, he starts off saying “While confined here in the Birmingham City Jail”. This shows his emotion as being limited. “We know through painful experience…freedom is never voluntarily given by best essays on pollution, the oppressor; it must be demanded” Martin Luther Kings expresses in the letter how freedom is not given to us we have to demand it and empower it. This is just some of the many emotional appeals he discusses. (ethos) Dr.Martin Luther King gives us a appeal to authority. He gives credit to online cheap many such as Paul, Christian Leadership Conference, Alabama Christian Movement for Human Rights, People or groups whom he respected and felt they were good men or leaders. (logos) Dr. Martin Luther King use of Biblical allusion such as “Just as the short prophets of the eighth century B.C. left their villages and carried their thus saith the Lord far beyond the boundaries of their home towns” just goes to show his knowledge of the bible. Titles Papers On Obesity! It gives us a well know reference to best short on pollution things that are happening. He doesn’t stop there with the biblical allusion he gives us more “just as the Apostle Paul left his village of Tarsus. Words: 350 - Pages: 2. . the party and inviting people look for a place but have an Privacy essay estimate of how many people you plane to short invite.

When looking for a place think about the surrounding and area if you want to play the music loud get a pace in the country where there are not a lot people Entertainment is the soike thing that makes the party fun and exciting. For entertainment everyone loves music so go with a DJ. That way they can make request and have fun dancing to best on pollution different music. But be sure audition DJ first because some only play certain kinds of music but get one that plays all kinds. Decorations is substance doctrine essay, just not that important because people barley they will just be enjoying the food and music. I mean yes it is likely to have a few decorations to make the place look pretty. But be sure not to on pollution go over board because most likely they will end on the ground or in the trash. So not so much decorations cause it will be a waste of money. Rights Essay! Refreshments is key because you do not want people dancing and essays on pollution sweating and leave because there thirst or hungry. Be sure to get a variety of food such as meats vegetable and cracker etc.

It is order essay online cheap the book, good to have variety in foods to because some people can be vegetarian and if you have just meats than they will leave cause it is now fun for short them. In conclusion, all you really need is Research Paper Writer - Advanced …, these for simple steps and just to have a worry free mind just make some calls about the party preparation and make sure everything is good and best short on pollution then you can relax and the day of the party just. Words: 608 - Pages: 3. . 1.What did you learn about the author from essay your preliminary research | * Known for her narrative prose in best both fiction and paper online soike heels non-fiction. * She married her writing teacher, the poet R. H. W. Dillard, ten years her senior. | 2. Which point of view does the author use to tell the story and how does it impact the reader? | * First person-It gave a better understanding for the person reading because it allows the best essays piece to go more in depth with information considering her daughter is telling the story. Heels! | 3. How would you describe the author’s use of diction? Be sure to include a few examples: | * The writing style of the author seems to be informative and serious.-When she describes the way her mother plays checkers. | 4. Identify some different resources of language (rhetorical devices) that the author employs to achieve a desired effect. Be sure to explain how the author’s use of rhetorical affects the audience. | * Allusions-She included how she was mayor of New York.-Lendalarm | 5. Short On Pollution! How would you describe the author’s tone? How does the author generate this tone? What is the impact of this tone on doctrine the reader? | * Very calm-Through the best way she writes the passage.-The tone lets the reader know it is an order essay online the book interesting, yet serious passage. | 6. Describe the intended audience. Short On Pollution! Can you prove this assertion? | * The readers of the book.-At the top it shows the title of the book | 7. How is this selection structured? | * Chronological | 8. Vocabulary.

Words: 371 - Pages: 2. . Consciousness Our awareness of our environment and ourselves. Example: I am conscious I where I live. Definition: Knowing your surroundings. Circadian rhythm The biological clock; regular bodily rhythms that occur on a 24-hour cycle. Example: body knows when to wake up and to sleep and eat. Titles For Research Papers! Definition: 24-hour body clock.

REM sleep Rapid eye moment sleep; a recurring sleep stage during which vivid dreams commonly occurs. Best Short! Also known as paradoxical sleep, because the muscles are relaxed (except for Research Paper - Advanced minor twitches) but other body systems are active. Example: body moving without control. Definition: twitching during sleeping. Alpha waves The relatively slow brain waves of best on pollution a relaxed, awake state. Example: sleepy. Definition: relaxed, about to fall asleep. Sleep Periodic, natural loss of consciousness - as distinct from unconsciousness resulting from a coma, general anesthesia, or hibernation. Example: body resting. Definition: natural body resting. Essay Samples! Hallucinations False sensory experiences, such as seeing something in the absence of an external visual stimulus.

Example: seeing unusually things. Definition: seeing objects that don’t exist. Delta waves The large, slow brain waves associated with deep sleep. Example: snoring. Definition: Deep into sleep.

NREM sleep Non-rapid eye movement sleep; encompasses all sleep stages except for REM sleep. Best On Pollution! Example: no REM sleep. Definition: no rapid eye. Insomnia: recurring problems in falling or staying asleep. Economic! Words: 1034 - Pages: 5. . Table of Contents TOPIC PAGE LITERATURE REVIEW Introduction.……………………………….………….…….…………………………..….……3 Conclusion………………………………………………………………………………………….5 REFRENCES….…………………………………………………………………. ……………………………6 INTRODUCTION Culture is best, multilayered complex phenomenon which differs from region to region. McClelland (1973) “stressed that culture is different by order essay the book of ephesians, its contents and forms, 10 percent of which is what you can see, such as language, behavior, food and dressing, 90 percent of which is best essays, what you cannot see, such as beliefs, values, and ways of thinking,”(Hasan et. al, 2012, p. Substance Doctrine! 4). The culture of a corporation relates to the “unique modes of short on pollution carrying out their activities,” (Dartey, 2013, p. 39). Forces in the external environment constantly demand companies to assess their organizational environment.

The field of Paper - Advanced … business is best short essays, always changing and it is important for companies to continually evolve. With economic globalization it is necessary for each corporation to adapt to change and interpret event that occur in the environment. Managers, HR professionals, and employees contribute to the success of their organization. When businesses decide to Writer … step into the international market they have to face some challenges. Regardless of where in the world the business is expanded, human resources professionals have to collaborate with local professionals to attend to changes within the corporation and adjust the HRM system. The purpose of this paper is to analyze the. On Pollution! Words: 380 - Pages: 2. . afterwards translated into Welsh, French and substance essay Spanish.

Some time later the story is found in the work now referred to as Ysopet-Avionnet, which is largely made up of Latin poems by the 12th century Walter of England, followed by a French version dating from best essays as much as two centuries later. Buy Research Online Soike Heels! It also includes four poems not found in on pollution Walter's Esopus; among them is the tale of buy research paper The Council of the Mice. The Black Prince - Edward, Prince of Wales, known as The Black Prince, the eldest son of King Edward III and Philippa of Hainaut, was born at Woodstock on the 15th of June 1330. Contemporaries called him Edward of Woodstock, and his surname of the Black Prince cannot be traced back earlier than the 16th century. It is supposed to have been derived from his wearing black armor. - His real career begins, however, with Edward III's Norman campaign of 1346. On landing at La Hogue he was knighted by best short essays, his father, and took a prominent part in the whole of the campaign.

He commanded the right wing of the English forces at Crecy, and, though hard pressed for a time by the French, took his full share in gaining the victory. Next year he was at the siege of Calais, and returned to England in October 1347 with his father - The character Pyle in economic substance doctrine Graham Greene's novel The Quiet American has a dog named Prince after The Black Prince. Fowler says to him, the one who massacred all the women and children in Limoges. Short! Edward and. Words: 1151 - Pages: 5. . AP* World History Study Guide and Graphic Organizers – Unit 5: The Modern World, 1914 CE – present 1. World War I Students are required to know the causes, major events, and consequences of substance doctrine essay WWI 1) Causes a) Imperialism i) No new lands to expand into – some nations didn’t have many colonies (Germany, Italy) ii) Rivalries as nations competed for colonies iii) Sometimes armed conflict in colonial lands for control over resources b) Nationalism i) Pride in one’s nation, want one’s nation to be the best and most powerful ii) Fostered conflict as nations competed to be the best iii) Justified imperialism, militarism iv) Caused disruptions in multi-ethnic nations (Austria-Hungary, Ottoman Empire); rebellions, revolts against foreign rule c) Militarism i) Build up of a country’s military; keeping a large standing army ii) Nations expanded their militaries as a show of power iii) Arms race: each nation needed to have a standing army because their neighbors had standing armies d) Alliances i) Bismarck: German chancellor behind alliance system in Europe ii) Germany, Austria-Hungary, Italy allied; France, Great Britain, Russia allied 2) Events a) Assassination of Archduke Frantz Ferdinand: Serbian terrorists kill the Austrian duke and best essays on pollution his wife as they honeymooned in Sarajevo i) Austria demands Serbian submission ii) Russia offers to back Serbians in defying Austrians iii) Austria and order online the book Germany declare war on Serbia and Russia (along with Russia’s allies) b. Words: 3465 - Pages: 14. 5 Ways to Score in O Level English. Short Essays On Pollution! . a word in the passage, or explain the meaning of the essay online the book of ephesians word; these questions require you to best have a wide range of vocabulary and if you are poor in it, you will have to for research papers on obesity guess the words from clues in the passage) 4. Content is more important than “own words” for summary Get the points for content rather than scoring on the “own words” and best short essays on pollution “language” section.

Rather than losing the content points because you change certain keywords or paraphrase the sentence, thus changing the meaning of the rights essay sentence, retain the same keywords and lose some marks for “own words”. It all makes sense since that each content is worth 1 mark, for a total of best short 15 marks, while only 5 marks for “own words”. 5. Never give up If you are not linguistically inclined, then you have to put in hard-work. Buy Ten-year series and do all the narratives and comprehension. Buy assessment books and do them too. Never give up.

What you lack in genius, you make it up in hard-work. I managed to get an A1 in English when I was getting a E8 in Secondary 1, because I understand the importance of the English Language result in - Advanced L1 component for L1R5 and refused to give it. . Words: 731 - Pages: 3. . Avery Rolle Cell Structure Angel Assignment BIOL 110; Mahan 1. The first component is that all living things are made of cells. The second is that the cell is the most basic unit of life. The third is that all cells arise from pre-existing, living cells. 2. The plasma membrane consists of both lipids and best proteins. The fundamental structure of the membrane is the Research Paper Writer phospholipid bilayer, which forms a stable barrier between two aqueous compartments. 3. It helps to form the best essays on pollution shape of the essay online the book of ephesians cell. Best Short Essays! It also allows materials to enter and leave the substance cell. Lastly, it protects the cell.

4. Prokaryotic cells reproduce/divide by binary fission and eukaryotic cells reproduce/divide by mitosis/meiosis. 5. The main function of ribosomes is best short, as the site of mRNA translation; once the Privacy essay two subunits are joined by the mRNA from the nucleus, the ribosome translates mRNA into a specific sequence of amino acids. They are not membrane enclosed. Ribosomes are basically strands of RNA. A membrane would only obstruct its function. Best On Pollution! 6. It controls all the activities within the cell by regulation the gene expression which is one of the main function of the nucleus. For Research Papers On Obesity! These activities include metabolism, growth and best on pollution reproduction. 7. There are two phospholipid bilayers that are present in the nuclear envelope. They are the inner and outer phospholipid bilayers. Nuclear envelope are also referred to as karyotheca, nucleolemma or nuclear membrane. 8. The endomembrane system consists of.

Words: 435 - Pages: 2. Teaching English to Preschoolers (3 – 5 Years Old) . BRAINSTORMING Theme of the economic doctrine lesson: Learning things that are moving and related subjects to the moving things. Proficiency level: preschoolers (3 – 5 years old) Skill objectives: students’ skills in identifying five things that are moving, and where they are moving on. Methodology: Combination of Total Physical Response and best essays Communicative Approach Key objects of learning: flashcards, books, DVD CLASS TIME ACTION Warm Up: Circle time and then sing the song “Wheels on the Bus” with a motion. Introduction to teaching objectives: hands out flashcards that have pictures of car, bus, motorcycle, airplane, and ship. Teaching/in-class assignment: Using real miniatures of car, bus, motor-cycle, airplane, and ship, flashcards or books to show the moving things. A car moves on the land (ground) and buy research online has 4 wheels, engines, and 1 steering wheel. The teacher moves the miniature car on the ground. A bus is bigger than a car. Best Short Essays On Pollution! It moves on the land (ground) and has 4 wheels, engines, and 1 steering wheel.

The teacher moves the miniature bus on economic substance the ground. A motorcycle is smaller than a car or a bus. Best Essays On Pollution! It moves on the land (ground) and has 2 wheels, engines, and 2 handles. Order Online! The teacher moves the miniature motorcycle on the ground. An airplane flies on the sky, up and above. It has 4 wheels, 2 wings, engines, and a tail. The teacher shows the miniature airplane “flying” on on pollution the sky. A ship sails on the water. It doesn’t have wheels.

It has engines. The teacher shows the ship miniature. Words: 300 - Pages: 2. 5 Steps to a 5 Ap English Langauge. . the Privacy samples recipient of the Cornell University Presidential Scholars’ Award and has been recognized by the C.W. Post Master Teachers Program. Ms. Rankin earned her B.A. from Adelphi University and her M.A. from Hofstra University. She has pursued further graduate work in the field of creative studies at Queens College and Brooklyn College. She has done extensive work in the research and development of film, drama, and creative writing curricula, SAT prep, and the new NYS Regents benchmarks for essays on pollution English, and has participated in numerous AP Literature conferences and workshops. Ms.

Rankin is currently a College Board consultant for pre-AP and AP English. Her finest teachers were her parents, Edward and Sylvia Stern. Ms. Murphy and for research on obesity Ms. Best Essays! Rankin are also the coauthors of McGraw-Hill’s 5 Steps to a 5: AP English Literature, Writing the AP English Essay, and Writing an start dissertation conclusion Outstanding College Application Essay.

CONTENTS Preface Acknowledgments Introduction: The Five-Step Program STEP 1 Set Up Your Study Program 1 What You Need to Know About the AP English Language and Composition Exam Background on the AP English Language and Composition Exam Reasons for Taking the AP English Language and Composition Exam What You Need to best Know About the AP English Language and Composition Exam 2 How to Plan Your Time Three Approaches to Prepare for the AP English Language and Composition Exam STEP 2 Determine Your Test Readiness 3 A Walk. Words: 76988 - Pages: 308. . As the child of two immigrants, I grew up in a bilingual household. Research …! My native language was Bengali and my second language was English. Growing up, my parents tried speaking both at home, but I had a difficult time learning English. During elementary school, I became poised in best short battle with reading; reading became my daily, haunting nightmare. I struggled so greatly with reading that I was eventually placed in a English Second Language (ESL) class. I was determined to pass the ESL exam and move on, but to my dismay, I stayed in ESL for the next six years. I became increasingly frustrated at order essay online cheap of ephesians, my inability to understand what I was reading. Short! As I flipped through pages and economic doctrine observed the bold words, I tried my best to break up sentences and create little images in my head. I did not find reading enjoyable at short, all.. I wanted to become a better reader and pass the doctrine essay ESL exam, so that I could fit in with my peers.

But year after year, I drowned in best short essays my own sorrow of failing and staying in ESL. Not only did I begin to Paper feel isolated from many of my peers, but also from my family--especially my sister, who was two years older than me. Though my sister was initially placed in ESL, she passed the exam and short essays on pollution moved on within her first year of being in rights essay that class. She was a great writer and reader; by second grade, she was reading at the highest level in her class. She was doing so well that I began to I ask myself, why couldn’t I? I didn’t understand why I was so different from her; we came from the. Words: 995 - Pages: 4. . shape filled with snow manifests an image of the angelic figure going towards heaven. Longfellow purposely used a mountain to further implicate religious ideas; the height of the mountain shows that is closer to heaven because it is essays, going upward. The snow symbolizes the wife and that she is on the peak of the mountain, reaching towards heaven. He wears the pain of the loss of his wife on his chest because she is within his soul.

There are contrasting tones that each of the poets give to the speaker. Christina Rossetti establishes a controlled but increasingly tentative tone. The repetition of the phrased “remember me” in titles for research papers on obesity lines 1, 5, and 7 show that she does not want to be forgotten; she does not want the only thing that keeps her “alive” to be gone. Best Short Essays On Pollution! However, as the poem progresses she becomes more uncertain when she changes her mind and tells her beloved that he would be “better by for research on obesity, far” (line13) to forget her after all. She would not want him to endure pain much longer even if it means she would have to be completely dead. Longfellow establishes a melancholy tone because he is recollecting memories of her by looking at her picture and the setting also effects the tone because he is in the very room where his wife died. Both sonnets, “Remember” and “The Cross of Snow” explore the grieving process when addressing death and remembrance. Literary devices show how both compare and contrast views of the gloomy, heart wrenching process. Words: 744 - Pages: 3. Solving Personal Problems: Applying the best essays on pollution 5-Step Module. . Solving Personal Problems: Applying the Five-Step Model J Gonzales April 25, 2016 The objective is to control the problem and not allow the problem to paper soike control you. To productively manage a situation you have to best short on pollution practice using the 5-step model.

The first step in the 5-step model is pinning the problem. The second step is establish your options. The third step is determine the advantages and disadvantages of each option. The fourth step is electing the substance solution you feel best suits. The fifth step is evaluating if the solution chosen is short essays, effective (John Chaffee, 2014). In week 2, we discussed barriers and learned to identify them to rid ourselves from them.

This was a great lesson however, from personal experience I can tell you that it takes more than just identifying the problems to make change. In recent years, I went through a divorce and a change in careers that have forced me to sit and examine my finances. I have set goals, time and time again, to save X amount of money each year for my children's college fund and have created spreadsheets on for research on obesity how I can accomplish this. While it looked great on paper and the system appeared solid, I always came up short on my goals and I realized that other areas of my finances were also being affected. After studying critical thinking and the five-step model the essays last couple of titles on obesity weeks, I discovered that the first step to best short essays fulfill my goal (s) was to identify the problem.

The problem is me. I have failed to take full responsibility for.

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